Video report on Nigerian Bankers facing the Heat

at 7-09-2009 11:19PM (10 years ago)

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The video report by CNN's Christian Purefoy exposes the depth of corruption in the Nigerian banking system.

Top banking executives have been charged with price manipulation, money laundering, and fraud.

xter at 8-09-2009 12:44AM (10 years ago)
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na dem sabiiiiiiiiiii

ngfineface at 2-09-2015 11:13AM (4 years ago)
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Banks are becoming  a better place to work now
hackynoni111 at 2-09-2015 01:22PM (4 years ago)
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Na dem sabi jhur
stmanuel6 at 2-09-2015 01:24PM (4 years ago)
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dem business