I Can’t Marry Her Because She Is Too Submissive For My Liking-I Need Advice

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at 8-08-2014 11:57AM (5 years ago)

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As blogs now offer some of us the opportunity to open up and share our pains, I thought it would be a great idea to share a pain that is making me go bananas at the moment.

My parents practically forced my girlfriend on me about four years ago because they saw and still see her as a girl that is well-brought up. No doubt she is every inch a wife material, but not the one for me though. My take on it is that she is too submissive and hardly ever argues with me since we have been dating. She concurs with everything I do, and the more reason I sometimes worry about both of us having a future together.

I have tried all I could to make my parents see reasons why I can’t marry her; but my dad keeps insisting that it is too late for all that. Actually, I played along all these years just to make my parents happy, but I am at my wit’s end at the moment.

Now the worse has happened as a girl I started dating about a year ago is pregnant for me. The pregnancy was actually a part of my plan to get them off my back, but it has ushered in big problem with my dad as he has forbidden me from bringing her to the house.

I want serious advice as my dad is not the type you can stand up to. I am in a big mess now because the only thing I feel for Biola is pity, and I don’t want to marry her for that reason.

HOPEA23 at 8-08-2014 12:39PM (5 years ago)
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Isn't that what everyman pray for to have a submissive woman...
U are a grown-up man
I suggest u advice urself on this one...

dickman2 at 8-08-2014 12:54PM (5 years ago)
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yeye boy ..which advice u need..after u don use your dick make problem every where..now u need advice..make your dick advice u na..yeye boy..
the one u date for four years u no give her belle..
but the one u date for just one years u give her belle..now u want pals to advice u..
na u and your dick get that wahala..
x-avier at 8-08-2014 01:15PM (5 years ago)
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you were dating her for 4 years and most likely bedding her all that while, yet you expect us to believe you were just playing along?
Are you Farouk Lawan that collected bribe and hid it just to play along?
My advice is that if you can play along for 4 years then you must be a good team player. Just keep playing along and marry her.
Good boy
Larry28 at 8-08-2014 01:20PM (5 years ago)
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Medicine after death, U've done what u think is right so what advice do u need again??? Yeye
Loveday759 at 8-08-2014 01:53PM (5 years ago)
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Submissive wife is what everyman is praying to have, the devil you know is more than the angel u don't know the Bible is better to stay alone than to stay with trouble some wife. My friend God has given u good wife but you don't appreciate. the side girl that is pregnant is a home destroyer use your brain and think is the future that matter now today
Fashionbabe at 8-08-2014 02:22PM (5 years ago)
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Kolo man Grin
Fashionbabe at 8-08-2014 02:23PM (5 years ago)
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you don't know what you want.
Dorokenny at 8-08-2014 03:13PM (5 years ago)
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this one na Gobe... oga which planet you come from self.. as you need advise like a baby
Happy4live at 8-08-2014 03:56PM (5 years ago)
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Na all this Yoroba boys na them i know you need advice idiot but the time you put your dick you don't ask for advice after enjoyments you are asking for advice yeye Yoroba boy
viddycool at 8-08-2014 04:28PM (5 years ago)
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Pray for urself man!
Giftous1 at 8-08-2014 05:26PM (5 years ago)
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Damn bloody fool.....read galetians 3:1
beneno at 8-08-2014 05:32PM (5 years ago)
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i beg give me the girl wey u reject contact,i mean the one your parents gave u to marry as u dont know and value good things.  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
beneno at 8-08-2014 05:34PM (5 years ago)
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Quote from: beneno on  8-08-2014 05:32PM
i beg give me the girl wey u reject contact,i mean the one your parents gave u to marry as u dont know and value good things.  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
if she worwor i beg keep her contact  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
cocoeni at 8-08-2014 05:53PM (5 years ago)
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 Cheesy Cheesy
SOGaiya at 8-08-2014 07:24PM (5 years ago)
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wen oportunity is abuse wat do xpect? hmm? ingrate of d worse orda
christianida at 8-08-2014 07:25PM (5 years ago)
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go and fetch lyf fool.
winace at 8-08-2014 08:02PM (5 years ago)
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Different strokes for different folks. I thot guys want a good and submissive home made girl. I pray dis guy did not regret dis decision he took. Dat pregnant girl go show am ehen then it will be too late to get d good girl bak.
waffibabe at 8-08-2014 08:45PM (5 years ago)
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na only u giv am belle? what of d finsipal wen conduct  pregnancy test? Grin
Beckclement at 8-08-2014 09:06PM (5 years ago)
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I believe someone supported you by giving you some advice. So, go back and meet him to continue where he stops.
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