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1.“Go to the Ministry of Agriculture to see the level of development in the Agriculture sector”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, do we need to go to the Ministry of Agriculture before we know that the cost of food/foodstuffs today, are almost three times the prices before you became president?

2. “Buhari and other past leaders did not buy arms for the military”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, did our military use slings and stones to fight the ECOMOG wars?

3. “I am talking to those of you who are between 23 and 25 years”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, Are you saying those of us who are way above 25 years old should go ahead and vote for Buhari?

4. “I will create 2 million jobs annually if am re-elected”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, how many jobs did you create in 6 years?

5. “I will send 1st class graduates abroad to do their Masters Degrees”...GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, you finally agree that our schools here are not good enough for people to study?

6. “If I jail every person in government, who would be left to run the government” ... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, I guess it was FFK that spoke through you here, cos I can’t believe you said this

7. “How much did Jim Nwobodo stole that Buhari regime put him in jail”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, pls tell us how much does one need to steal before it can be called corruption?

8. “If I go to Chibok, they will kill me”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, if you (the commander-in-chief of the armed forces) is scared to go to some parts of the country, then we are all in trouble. Don’t you think so?

9. “Henry Okah was contracted by some Nigerians to kill me”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, we are interested in knowing the people who want to kill our president cos an attack on our president is an attack on all of us, so please mention the names of those who want to kill you, sir

10. “My advisers are giving me contradictory advice”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, Nigerians didn’t vote for your advisers, you were the one that appointed them

11. “I want to apologize to the govt workers who didn’t receive their salaries in December”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir you apologized to them because you need their votes, but you have not said a word about the 2000 people that were killed in Baga because you know they are dead and can’t vote right? I see, continue!

12. “Buhari that can’t remember his own phone numbers is saying he will change the economy of the country”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, this statement from you is too petty and highly unpresidential.

13. “I am coming up with strategies to fight corruption”... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, what about strategies to fight stealing? And what have you been doing this past 5 years?

14. “I will minimize terrorism if am re-elected” ... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, You have been president for almost 6 years ooo

15. "Our Economy is the largest in Africa" ... GEJ

MY TAKE: Sir, Please, don't say this thing again, even a two year old child knows it's a lie, its the biggest scam of all time.

16. "The monies spent to run the office of the First Lady are from NGOs" ... GEJ

MY TAKE: Mr. President! Mr. President!! Mr. President!!! How many times did I call you? Let me pretend as if I didn't hear this one.