Nigerian Woman That Killed Her Husband For Cheating, Temitope Was Also A Serial Cheater In The USA

Published On: April 26, 2015, 3:42 pm
Author: Daniel Bosai
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 Temitope Adebamiro is currently being held without an option of bail at the Baylow womens correctional institution for allegedly stabbing to death her 37 year old husband...She killed him for cheating...Read story HERE.

Another Nigerian woman in America contacted me to say that the reason she divorced her hubby was because Tope was cheating with him and even went as far as labelling her a serial cheat who promises to leave her hubby and start a new life with any new man she dates....please read her email and view exclusive pics of the 37 year old man who was killed by his beautiful wife Tope.

Hi Stella. I'm not one to really make comments on blogs bit this particular story got to me because I wished I had done something about it.
I read the story about Tope killing her husband. Unfortunately most people are going by the headline they saw- That she killed him because he was cheating on her. It's very sad that she had to stoop this low and tarnish the poor guys image, or at least what's left of it  after killing him.

 It's true we all can never know the whole story but one thing remains, this woman has yet to reveal she was also cheating on him with various men in Philadelphia.
I found out during the course of my investigation that she goes about cheating , luring men with the man's money, making promises to leave him and set up a new life with those men- unfortunately mine was also a weak man that fell for her lies.

I'm one of the women she came in contact with through my Ex husband- thank God I divorced him when I found out he was cheating on me with this lady.
Here are the pictures of her the Private investigator sent to me to see what she looked like back then, before catching her red handed with my then husband. I wish YOU would post this, maybe help the grieving family she forcefully took their son away from. I don't know maybe just stop her gaining pity from other people abusing this man she killed.

 Is that the face of an abusive man? Those are his pics, does he look like someone that was abusing this liar during the course of their marriage?
I chose not to send this to other bloggers but you... Hopefully you will get this story out that she was also a cheat not the other way round''.

the comment section of this website and got some interesting comments that will shock you..please read through and have your say.

This so sad,I pray they give her the opportunity to say what actually happened and to make peace with the people hurting

Source: Stella Dimokokorkus

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