Police DPO Accused Of Killing A Rape Suspect Handed To The Police Station By His Brother (Photo)

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In Bauchi, a dispute is currently brewing between the family of a young man, Ibrahim Ishmail who was detained in a police station for alleged rape of his elder brother’s wife but never returned home alive. SALIU GBADAMOSI reports.

WHEN 48-year-old Sale Yunusa led his younger brother, Isma’il Ibrahim, to the Darazo Divisional Police Station in Darazo, the headquarters of Darazo Local Government Area of Bauchi State, on Tuesday, April 7, 2015, he never imagined he was leading him to the gallows! Two days later, he and other members of the family were informed by the police that the 30-year-old Ibrahim had died in the hospital.
But the family is not taking the news hook, line and sinker as members are suspecting foul play from the side of the police in the death of the 30-year-old Isma’il Ibrahim, whom Yunusa told the Sunday Tribune was of good character and a good person while alive.
“If I start talking about how good he was, people may think I am saying that because he was my younger brother. All I can say is, he was of good character and a good person during his life,” Yunusa told the Sunday Tribune.
The deceased’s journey to the great beyond started when Yunusa’s wife’s uncle reported him to the police that he attempted to rape his brother’s wife, prompting the police to invite the husband, who took the deceased along while honouring the police’s invitation. Events, however, took unpredicted dimension at the station, leading subsequently to the family learning of the death of Isma’il Ibrahim in police custody, though the police said he died in the hospital.
Narrating what happened to the Sunday Tribune, Yunusa stated that he was at home when the police came to inform him that his second wife, Abida Sale, reported at the station that the deceased attempted to rape her and invited him, saying that, “I went there with my younger brother, Isma’il Ibrahim. He was hale and hearty when we went together to the police station.
“I took him to the station on Tuesday. When we got there, he made his statement, while Abida also did. We were later taken to the DPO’s office. The DPO asked him why he attempted to rape my wife but my brother denied ever doing anything of such. As he said that, the DPO slapped him, while his subordinates kicked him in the legs. The DPO threatened to deal with him to the extent that whenever he saw a woman he would never think of having anything to do with her.
“This really frightened me as I was thinking within me that they were going to kill my brother, which they eventually did. I never thought it could come to this. Even if he was guilty of the offence, my thinking was that the police ought to charge him to court.”
He informed that his wife had reported to him before that the deceased was making passes at her, adding that he called his brother to hear his side of the story. “He denied it but said he was only playing with her as an in-law but did not attempt to rape her. I reprimanded him and told him never to attempt such again. I pleaded with my wife and told her not to allow anything of such to happen between them. I also told her to get a witness next time my brother attempted anything of such,” Yunusa informed.
The bereaved brother stated that on the fateful Tuesday, the Divisional Police Officer (DPO) in charge of the divisional station asked him to come back the following day, adding that he went there at about 9:30 a.m but his wife and her uncle, who reported the case at the station were yet to arrive. While waiting for their arrival, he said he saw the police taking a suspect into their cell and he saw the deceased laying on the floor like a dead person.
“As they opened the door, I saw my brother laying on the floor like a dead person. The policemen  pushed him to allow proper opening of  the door. They had to drag his legs from the floor to make way for them. I wondered how they could beat him to the extent that he could not even raise his legs.
“Another of my brothers later joined me at the station. He brought food for Isma’il. When we approached the police with the food, the asked us to taste it and I did. They took the food from us, saying that they would give it to him to eat but they never did.”
Unfortunately, that Wednesday morning, Yunusa’s relatives had approached Abida’s family to plead with them to withdraw the matter from the police with a view to settling the matter amicably among themselves without going to court. He informed that the wife’s family had agreed to this, adding that when those who went to his in-laws came to meet him at the station and informed him of the outcome of the mediatory visit, he expected that when the DPO arrived, the family would ask to bail the deceased.
According to him, “When we told the IPO that the complainants had agreed not to go to court, he insisted that my brother would be charged to court since he refused to own up and confess that he attempted to rape my wife. When my wife’s uncle who reported the case also came, the IPO told him the same thing, adding that if my brother did not confess, he could go back home to repeat the same thing again.”
He further stated that the police asked him to go out and that they would call him later, while his wife’s uncle remained inside with the police, adding that he and his people stayed outside from 11.00a.m to 5.00p.m. “We were never called and nobody told us what was happening. I, therefore, went in to ask what was happening. That was when they told me that they had taken the case to court. I told them how they could do that when we were in the station’s premises and no one bothered to tell us that the case was being taken to court.
“I later went home, leaving my brother who was with me behind, he too later came back and told me that the police said we should come back on Thursday. Unfortunately, the following day, we learnt Isma’il had died. We only saw his corpse at the hospital.”
Suspecting foul play, the family, through its counsel, Barrister Ibrahim Danjuma Darazo, petitioned the Bauchi State Commissioner of Police, CP Mohammed Mohammed, requesting for update on the cause of death of the deceased.
The petition, dated April 17, 2015, written on behalf of the family from the chambers of D. M. Abejeme & Partners and signed by Barrister Darazo, stated that the deceased was on April 7, 2015 brought to the Darazo Divisional Police Station by his elder brother, Sale Yunusa, on the invitation of the police, adding that since then he was in detention till he passed on.
According to the petition, the deceased was alleged to have enticed his brother’s wife, saying that, “based on that report, the said Isma’il was detained by the police for more than 24 hours without being charged to the court as required by the Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended).”
It stated that the DPO in charge of Darazo Division had concluded that the late Ibrahim was guilty of the offence he was alleged to have committed when he said in the presence of his brother that, “he (DPO) will beat him to the extent that if he (Ibrahim) sees a lady he will not bother to entice her, meaning that he will castrate him,” adding that the DPO had no power whatsoever to do so unless by a court of competence jurisdiction.
“The mission of the said DPO was accomplished by not only castrating him but by eliminating him on earth. Such statements and the act of torture by the police is unconstitutional, illegal and contravened United Nations Convention against Torture, African Charter on Human and Peoples’ Rights and above all violated Section 34(1) if the 1999 Constitution of the Federal Republic of Nigeria (as amended),” the petition stated.
According to the petition, based on pressure from the family, a postmortem examination was conducted on the deceased at the Abubakar Tafwa Balewa University Teaching Hospital (ATBUTH) on Friday, April 10, 2015, adding that since then, the investigating police officers in charge of the case, Aboki Moses and Muhammed Labaran and the DPO had refused to collect the report, which the hospital said would be ready by Monday, April 13, 2015.
While requesting the police boss to furnish them with update on the death of the late Ibrahim, the family stated that as a law-abiding family, it was not willing to take law into its hands and expressed the hope that the commissioner would use his good office to thoroughly investigate the matter and bring those involved in what it termed “inhuman, barbaric and unconstitutional act” to book.
When contacted to hear the command’s side of the incident, the Police Public Relations Officer (PPRO) in the state, DSP Haruna Mohammed, told the Sunday Tribune that he had not seen the petition written by the family and, as such, could not comment on it.
However, a police source told the Sunday Tribune that the deceased died in the hospital where he was taken for treatment when the DPO found him shivering in the cell, lamenting that the deceased was not attended to for about two hours at the hospital. He added that the doctor on call duty refused to show up despite calls and text messages sent to him.
The source informed that the DPO was a true professional police officer and could not have been negligent to the extent that a suspect in police custody would die while in custody.
“The DOP was someone I know personally. He is a pride of the police; a true professional who could not be negligent in his duty to the extent of allowing a suspect in custody to die without taking care of him. It was not possible,” the source told the Sunday Tribune.
Contrary to this submission, however, the report written by one Dr Simeon Shirya, who examined the remains of the deceased at the hospital clearly stated that he was brought to the hospital dead. The statement read in part: “He was said to have been brought in dead at about 4.00a.m by a police officer. He was said to have been in police custody where he was being interrogated for allegation of rape.”
The Sunday Tribune was informed by the counsel, Ibrahim Danjuma Darazo, that based on the petition written by the family, the state police  boss had directed the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) of the command to investigate the matter, adding that the family had made  statement at the department. He, however, insisted that the late Isma’il Ibrahim died in police custody, not in the hospital contrary to  what the police wanted all to believe.
According to Darazo, “I was informed that the police brought the corpse of the deceased to the hospital around 4.00a.m on Thursday, April 9  and tried to liaise with the nurse on duty to admit the deceased as a patient so that after a while they would say that he died while on  admission but the nurse refused to accept that arrangement. He told them  he would only accept the corpse as a dead body and if they were willing, they would deposit the corpse at the mortuary.”
He further stated that he went to the Chief Magistrate’s Court in Darazo as he was informed by the family that the police had filled First Information Report (FIR) at the court and was told that the police only called the court Registrar at about 6.00p.m on Wednesday, April 8 that they had a case they wanted to bring to court, adding that, “the registrar told them that they had closed for the day. They should leave it till Thursday morning. We were aware that there was no FIR filled that very Wednesday. They only communicated through the phone.
“We went to meet the DPO to give us a police officer to follow the corpse to the Abubakar Tafawa Balewa University Teaching Hospital where  a postmortem was to be conducted on the corpse. He tried to dodge, telling us that, to give us two police officers was not under his own  power. After a while, he sent two IPOs, that is Mohammed Labaran and Aboki Moses. We went together with the corpse and got to Bauchi  around 6.0pm on Thursday, April 9. The doctor confirmed that Isma’il Ibrahim was dead and directed that the corpse should be deposited at  the mortuary till the next morning when they would invite a doctor to conduct the postmortem and it was the family that paid the fees for  the postmortem.”
Barrister Darazo declared that there was a foul play and that the family was suspecting that the DPO in charge of the divisional police station in Darazo knew something about the death of the late Isma’il Ibrahim, adding that, “that was why they contacted me. I had written a petition to the commissioner of police for him to make the necessary investigation as to the cause of the death of Isma’il Ibrahim. The elder brother, Sale Yunusa, was confused when the DPO made that statement that he would deal with the deceased that if he saw he lady, he wouldn’t bother to follow her and think of having anything with her. Actually, the family is aggrieved.”
Meanwhile, as of the time of filing this report, the Sunday Tribune gathered that a CID team from the state police command headquarters in Bauchi had visited Darazo town as part of its investigation into the matter as directed by CP Mohammed. The team, it was learnt, visited the palace of the district head of Darazo, Alhaji Ibrahim Mohammed Bababa, the Darazo General Hospital, where the police took the remains of the deceased, to speak with the nurse who received the corpse from the police, as well as the Chief Medical Officer of the hospital.

Source: http://tribuneonlineng.com/content/sad-gripping-tale-rape-suspect-who-visited-police-station%E2%80%A6-never-returned

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angesco at 10:00 AM, 5/05/2015 (4 years ago)
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And now the WORLD knows why Nigerians DO NOT have faith in our police!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Wysetots at 10:55 AM, 5/05/2015 (4 years ago)
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Quote from: angesco on 10:00 AM,  5/05/2015
And now the WORLD knows why Nigerians DO NOT have faith in our police!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angesco......where have you been?? Longest ages
Wysetots at 11:03 AM, 5/05/2015 (4 years ago)
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Quote from: angesco on 10:00 AM,  5/05/2015
And now the WORLD knows why Nigerians DO NOT have faith in our police!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angesco......where have you been?? Longest ages
Wysetots at 11:09 AM, 5/05/2015 (4 years ago)
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Quote from: angesco on 10:00 AM,  5/05/2015
And now the WORLD knows why Nigerians DO NOT have faith in our police!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angesco......where have you been?? Longest ages
Wysetots at 11:11 AM, 5/05/2015 (4 years ago)
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Quote from: angesco on 10:00 AM,  5/05/2015
And now the WORLD knows why Nigerians DO NOT have faith in our police!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angesco......where have you been?? Longest ages
freethinker at 12:13 PM, 5/05/2015 (4 years ago)
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ihekauchenna at 12:54 PM, 5/05/2015 (4 years ago)
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Naija Police brutality will neer cease if all the police on that station are not jailed for this crime.

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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
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Too long
bobchuks at 09:37 PM, 5/05/2015 (4 years ago)
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Now that he's dead they can go ahead to rejoice.....
stupid set of people
Ololababs at 10:26 PM, 5/05/2015 (4 years ago)
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The long n short of d story is........

Sorry too long to read after a long day at work   Undecided
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Quote from: Ololababs on 10:26 PM,  5/05/2015
The long n short of d story is........

Sorry too long to read after a long day at work   Undecided

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