NBC Lied, Our Engineer Was Not Arrested And We Are Still Broadcasting, Says Radio Biafra

Published On: July 18, 2015, 8:10 am
Mister Jay Wonder
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The operators of Radio Biafra have again said the National Broadcasting Commission (NBC) is furnishing Nigerians with false news by claiming that has stopped it from transmitting in Nigeria and that its engineer has been arrested.

On its official website and via its Twitter account, the management of the radio outfit wrote two statements to rubbish the claim by the NBC. “We want to categorically report to great and hardcore ‪‎Biafrans that the news going around the media that our engineer was arrested by DSS is false.

“All our engineers are intact. We urge you to remain formidable and disciplined, the battle is heavy and we are winning already. We are live in Biafraland. Call on Chukwu Okike Abiama to help us all and our leader Nnamdi Kanu,” the statement read.

Boasting that it has more superior technology to that of the government, the operators said: “Radio Biafra is back in BiafraLand, CHK 102.1 in the whole of Biafra land.
“We are unstoppable. We are formidable. We Biafrans we have superior technology. All that money is wasted,”
it said.

It would be recalled that the NBC in statement on Friday said it has confiscated transmitters being used by the controversial Radio Biafra across the South east, thereby effectively neutralizing illegal broadcasts from the radio station.

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-- ignis99 (m) at 18-07-2015 08:20AM
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-- Ritabrenice (f) at 18-07-2015 08:30AM
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»̶̥Ơ̴͡k⌣̊┈̥ heard
-- Ibeawuchisamuel (m) at 18-07-2015 09:19AM
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Biafra is my nation no more going bk
-- SOGaiya (m) at 18-07-2015 09:34AM
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ok all Northern Igbo go bak 2ur land n eat ur radio simple why dis argument
-- Babaye (m) at 18-07-2015 09:42AM
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Nobody is above the law.
-- royalty2008 (m) at 18-07-2015 11:01AM
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In Biafra we stand!
GOD bless Biafra
-- royalty2008 (m) at 18-07-2015 11:17AM
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What gonna be gonna be.
Destiny may be delayed but it can never changed
Biafra, GOD`s own Nation
-- livingstonee (m) at 18-07-2015 11:24AM
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I said it before! I'm saying it again! Nigerians are full of liars and evils because their father devil are the author of evils! We biafrans are from GOD,we say truth always!
-- dareper (m) at 18-07-2015 12:14PM
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Don't mind em jare. Carry go
-- uchex (m) at 18-07-2015 12:26PM
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-- taung89 (m) at 18-07-2015 01:10PM
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No worrys let hand catch you first then we know if Biafra get land or not D!ckhead
-- chylind5 (f) at 18-07-2015 01:35PM
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As big as Nigeria is, ordinary Bokoharam has more sophisticated equipment than them. Radio Biafra too also has more sophisticated equipment than Nigeria. I pity the zoo.
-- PoliticxGuru (m) at 18-07-2015 02:46PM
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ok na
-- Foxtroft (m) at 18-07-2015 04:26PM
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Biafra, land of illusion, land of fantasy and land of people that chase the shadows
-- Abubu86 (m) at 18-07-2015 04:45PM
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I always say empty barrels makes the loudest noise. I rest my case
-- chealseafc (m) at 18-07-2015 05:17PM
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Quote from: Abubu86 on 18-07-2015 04:45PM
I always say empty barrels makes the loudest noise. I rest my case

like the BOKO HARAM abi?.
-- beneno (m) at 18-07-2015 07:06PM
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-- echeeche (m) at 18-07-2015 07:55PM
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Confused nation ride on my people
-- winace (f) at 18-07-2015 08:24PM
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See as tribalism is killing dis young men in naijapals. Imagine it in one on one. And wen d white call them names in their country, they will say racism. Dis is why oyinbo are still in control of our lives and natural resources. They will always put fight btw us in africa so dat they will be in charge. I pity d next generation if u young men and women nowadays continue like dis. Its a pity
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