Don't Ignore Marriage Because Of Career - Toke Makinwa Advises

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(m) at 2-10-2015 07:42AM (4 years ago)

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Nigerian OAP, Toke Makinwa, has shared her views on how marriage is seen in the Nigerian society. Toke said in most cases, Nigerian men feel intimidated by working class women.

According to Toke, the society seems to force ladies to rush into marriage, which sometimes results into breakups.

In her Vlog, Toke said, “Marriage is how you are seen in the society; marriage is how you are duly respected. If you are not married, there is no hope for you. 30 is knocking at the door. If you have crossed 30 even worse, you need tips.”

She added, “You have to make a truce; You either chose to follow your career or you chose to get married. You cannot do the two at the same time, it cannot work. They believe that when a woman is career driven he is a threat to men, men will not approach you.

"Therefore, you are approaching 45 if not 50 and you are single, forget career. Career is not going to keep the night warm for you when you are 40. Career is not going to keep you company when you are going to need it. Career is not going to sleep with you.”

Giftous1 (f) at 2-10-2015 08:00AM
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Wetin concern me...their business
proly (f) at 2-10-2015 08:34AM
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Good for single ladies
dareper (m) at 2-10-2015 08:58AM
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Tell em. They don't know tomorrow is pregnant
taung89 (m) at 2-10-2015 09:24AM
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Nor be this girl leave her husband run fallow yahoo yahoo guy
gogoman (m) at 2-10-2015 09:45AM
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na who she won dey advice yeye TOKEN
ngfineface (f) at 2-10-2015 10:02AM
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Kettle calling pot black.
Trueyarn (m) at 2-10-2015 10:04AM
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Ok,oti clear
Ritabrenice (f) at 2-10-2015 11:05AM
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Okay madam
jereva (m) at 2-10-2015 12:06PM
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Is she even married?
okatee (m) at 2-10-2015 01:24PM
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tru tok, career or marriage?
PosheL (f) at 2-10-2015 05:44PM
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Then reconcile with ur husband
allenspike (m) at 2-10-2015 08:10PM
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don't ignore the slap i want 2 send 2 you please
sarah555 (f) at 2-10-2015 08:30PM
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winace (f) at 2-10-2015 10:24PM
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Nice one cuming from u Toke.
giftmurphy (f) at 3-10-2015 01:27AM
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this is nice!
dickieponga (m) at 3-10-2015 01:29AM
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Quote from: Giftous1 on  2-10-2015 08:00AM
Wetin concern me...their business
Why u comment den if e no concern u....?
Sorry i just dey ask out of curiosity...
dickieponga (m) at 3-10-2015 01:36AM
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She's wrong wit marriage and career..
Tho she's right about d age cos wen woman don reach late 30s na wahala to look for man...
Who dey poke dis girl...?
Is she married...?
HoneyGold (f) at 3-10-2015 10:24AM
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E ya, To think dat her marriage is on hold. Nice advice
mary11 (m) at 3-10-2015 11:50PM
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Nice advice coming from the wrong pson

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