WONDERS! Secondary School Student Stab Senior To Death For Punishing Him In Lagos

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(m) at 5-11-2015 06:11AM (4 years ago)

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Academic activities in Gaskiya College in the Ijora area of Lagos State were paralyzed on Wednesday after a pupil in Senior Secondary School 2, Saka Ahmed, aka Ejo (snake), allegedly stabbed his senior, Saheed Jimoh, to death.

PUNCH Metro gathered that 19-year-old Jimoh, who was a school prefect, had punished Ejo on Tuesday for an offence which had yet to be ascertained. They were said to have fought each other outside the school premises after the closing time.

It was gathered that Jimoh was about entering the school when Ejo, who was said to have been
lurking around a food canteen near the school, ambushed him and stabbed him with a knife in the chest.

He reportedly fled the scene, leaving Jimoh for dead in a pool of blood. It was said that he gave up the ghost shortly after he arrived at a private hospital where he was rushed to.

The incident was reported at the Amukoko Police Division.

The deceased’s uncle, Mr. Shakiru Oluayo, who lives on Adejiyan Street, Amukoko area, said Jimoh was brought to Lagos in 2005 by his mother to continue his studies.

Oluayo said his nephew had initially decided not to go to school on the fateful day but rescinded his decision because he did not want to miss classes. The uncle added that Jimoh’s mother had yet to be informed of the incident.

He said:
“Saheed (Jimoh) was a school prefect. I do not know what happened between him and the boy (Ejo) that made Saheed to punish him. He was supposed to be in SS3 like Saheed but he had to repeat a class.

I learnt that as my nephew was coming to school that morning, the boy was waiting for him at a food canteen near the school gate. He attacked him all of a sudden and stabbed him in the chest.

For the past 10 years he had been living with me, he was easy-going and decent and all our neighbours can attest to that. In fact, he did not want to go to school on that fateful day but he later said he would go so as not to miss a practical class he was to have because he was a science student.”

An eyewitness, Kayode Aderibigbe, told PUNCH that it was too late for Jimoh to run to safety by the time he knew the assailant came after him. He said:
 “He (Ejo) had been waiting for Jimoh. He brought out a knife from his bag. Saheed ran when he saw him with the knife but Ejo chased him and stabbed him. I followed the pupils who rushed him to the hospital but he was confirmed dead on arrival. The police can trace Ejo.”

The school security guard, who declined to give his name, turned downrequest to speak with the principal when Punch visited the school. He said:

 “You cannot see the principal now. Come tomorrow (today). The principal and teachers have been to the hospital where the pupil was taken to. Besides, the incident did not happen inside the school.”

Some parents who also learnt of the incident besieged the school but were not allowed to enter.

A mechanic in the area, who identified himself only as Joshua, said he saw Jimoh and Ejo fighting on Tuesday.
“I was there when they were fighting yesterday (on Tuesday) after they closed from school but I did not really know what led to it. In my observation, Jimoh subdued him during the fight. I guess he (Ejo) later went to attack him with a weapon since he could not win in a fair fight,” he said.

The Lagos State Police Public Relations Officer, DSP Joe Offor, confirmed the attack. He said a manhunt had been launched for the suspect. He said:

“According to the information we have, the pupil was stabbed by the school gate with a knife by a fellow student of the same school, who is at large.
“The victim was confirmed dead at the hospital. Investigation is ongoing.''

And this is how this Ejo guy singlehandedly changed his life for the worst just because he couldn't control his rage. May the poor victim's soul rest in perfect peace.

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temi_1 (f) at 5-11-2015 06:18AM
(1212 | Gistmaniac)

At what age has this one started killing he even has a  nickname. They better hold him well before he would continue killing.  So if it was his mother that punished him he would kill her.na wa o.
morgrawl231 (m) at 5-11-2015 06:52AM
(10405 | Hero)

OMG......a life hv bn wasted again......RIP to.d poor boy
winace (f) at 5-11-2015 07:00AM
(30152 | Addicted Hero)

I don't kn how they allow tout wit lack of home training to sch to nuisance. As young s he is, he is a murderer already. No matter whr he runs to, he will be caught and if his family want to hide him then they shld be ready cus he will kill them one day too.
sugarwealth (f) at 5-11-2015 07:17AM
(1823 | Gistmaniac)

He has succeeded in changing his status to "wanted". He should know by now that his live will never remain the same again after this incident
Haso112 (m) at 5-11-2015 07:31AM
(6505 | Gistmaniac)

School name - Gaskiya College..  Wow!!! :-o :-o :-o
dickieponga (m) at 5-11-2015 07:53AM
(13881 | Hero)

Wetin imsef do to deserve been stabbed and why d guy run...
Na so senior students dey chance d junior ones i experience am in my days and me sef reciprocate am to orda junior students which doesn't make it rite....
proly (f) at 5-11-2015 08:06AM
(15534 | Hero)

At school started kiln wen he get to uni he will bomb nija....they shud search out for than fool...nd make sure he die by hanging
kp45 (m) at 5-11-2015 08:14AM
(10365 | Hero) Online

all this boys of nowadays
ngfineface (f) at 5-11-2015 08:28AM
(8983 | Hero)

Imagine a secondary school boy! It's people like him that eventually join cultism when they enter higher institution. Let justice prevail
musleh247 (m) at 5-11-2015 08:56AM
(1338 | Gistmaniac) Online

Dis one na bad news o, for that to go carry knife to kill person, which means him don dey get that kind thoughts before on different issues, anyway those that kill with the sword also die by the sword. Maybe him sef go don enter road face Libya
chealseafc (m) at 5-11-2015 09:01AM
(4429 | Gistmaniac)

the name (snake) alone is evil.
but lets see how he will escape from kirikiri as a snake.
benny0047 (m) at 5-11-2015 09:48AM
(639 | Upcoming)

these younger generation go craze no be small
Oways (m) at 5-11-2015 10:05AM
(3888 | Gistmaniac)

Bad boy
Princewhite1 (m) at 5-11-2015 10:08AM
(1105 | Gistmaniac)


Princewhite1 (m) at 5-11-2015 10:09AM
(1105 | Gistmaniac)

Na wow

Princewhite1 (m) at 5-11-2015 10:09AM
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Princewhite1 (m) at 5-11-2015 10:15AM
(1105 | Gistmaniac)

Jesus christ

Princewhite1 (m) at 5-11-2015 10:19AM
(1105 | Gistmaniac)

Be ur self

ainnylove (f) at 5-11-2015 10:20AM
(858 | Upcoming)

Hmmmm RIP
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