SHOCKING: Actor IK Ogbonna's Wife Sonia And Son Robbed In The Mile 2 Traffic In Lagos

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at 28-11-2015 01:21AM (4 years ago)

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IK Ogbonna's wife Sonia was robbed in the Mile 2 traffic earlier today. The robbers were so heartless they smashed the windows of her car with her baby in the car. Sad! Read what IK wrote about the incident after the below:

It's so sad how we sit down and watch these armed robbers attack and terrorize innocent people on daily basis .. My wife and son were attacked around mile 2 in traffic and the bastards dint care if a baby was in the car , smashing the screen all over my 5 months old son snatching a hand bag and phone (which in this case wasn't such a big deal) but when this becomes a daily routine we really beginning to question our security.. Are we safe .. ?Tomorrow morning I am pretty sure I will wake up to another news of these bastards taking things from people in traffic . Please Lagos State, we love you so much we ,moved here to hustle , make a living and live in peace , happiness and security is something we have a fully right to demand for as citizens! This must stop!
My wife and son are safe that's my only joy right now. Jesus is Lord

gogoman at 28-11-2015 01:28AM (4 years ago)
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na wa ooooo
penkelemesi at 28-11-2015 02:39AM (4 years ago)
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What do you expect from government bereft of ideas, This robberies continue on daily basis but all you see is photograph of Government officials but no action.
AmazingMarie at 28-11-2015 03:27AM (4 years ago)
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jeez, thank God your family was not hurt.
Ayodun1 at 28-11-2015 03:33AM (4 years ago)
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Na so... Especially Ojota /ketu" It like almost everyday now.

Ayodun1 at 28-11-2015 03:35AM (4 years ago)
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I think the government is slow in acting on this traffic robbery of a thing... And people aren't even helping.

Ken1230 at 28-11-2015 04:21AM (4 years ago)
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Lagos state Government need to do something about that Mile 2 Road and also Agric Bus stop. Evil children are operating there daily.
Chericoco at 28-11-2015 04:35AM (4 years ago)
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That's why i don't care if robbers get jungle justice. Burn them alive. Innocent citizens have been murdered by robbers.
zobi at 28-11-2015 04:50AM (4 years ago)
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That is to say it can happen to anybody!!! now you should  advocate for the masses who don't have a voice as it happens to them on a daily basis  but nobody to complain to. Be the change that your preach!!!
Trueyarn at 28-11-2015 06:25AM (4 years ago)
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Thank God ur family was save.
zezprincess at 28-11-2015 06:27AM (4 years ago)
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Chaaii,kpele,thank God nothing happen to ur family,I thot tat ambode don equip d police with necessary things to use to combat crime,oya make dem begin work.
winace at 28-11-2015 06:37AM (4 years ago)
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D area called mile 2 is robber den. Everybody living in Lagos kns dat. wen passing dat road in d day time u must be very careful talk more of night. It d govt look deep into areas like mile 2 , satellite town, festac, maza maza and all d eviron up to ojo then u will know dat ajegunle is a GRA and save place to live in. Too bad
kp45 at 28-11-2015 07:57AM (4 years ago)
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Doing this in front of 5 month old baby just too bad. One funny thing when those robbers were giving birth to, many pple including the pastors prayed for them and wish them well in life. Now they have turn to threat/miscreant  in our society.
sugarwealth at 28-11-2015 08:47AM (4 years ago)
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The police knows these danger areas, yet they won't be there to ward off these criminals. It's a pity
nametalkam at 28-11-2015 08:56AM (4 years ago)
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Well, there has been change - that is a welcomed development. Nigerians wanted change and boy are we loving the new changes in our lives, better electricity and fuel. This should be the best Christmas EVER!

Oways at 28-11-2015 09:23AM (4 years ago)
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Thank God for their safety
temi_1 at 28-11-2015 09:48AM (4 years ago)
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Na wa o
privacy at 28-11-2015 09:56AM (4 years ago)
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Nawa oooo
misterjohn at 28-11-2015 11:59AM (4 years ago)
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Quote from: nametalkam on 28-11-2015 08:56AM
Well, there has been change - that is a welcomed development. Nigerians wanted change and boy are we loving the new changes in our lives, better electricity and fuel. This should be the best Christmas EVER!
Oga na you dey carry the change for head before... now you don dey change ya mouth
bennieben at 28-11-2015 11:59AM (4 years ago)
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Omila again! Is getting too much ooo. In facts, it has become worst since Ambode became the governor of dis state. APC!! One Chance!!!!
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