Court Orders Lagos Traffic Offenders To Forfeit Vehicles To The Government (Photos)

4 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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(m) at 18-12-2015 09:50PM (4 years ago)

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The Lagos State Environmental and Special Offences Court sitting in Ogba on Friday convicted six traffic offenders arrested by the convoy of the State Governor, Akinwunmi Ambode in Ijora-Olopa area of the State on December 16, 2015, while driving against traffic.

Those arrested and convicted include Mrs. Adejoke Elemoro, Mr. Ogunlana Olatunji, Mr. Ganiyu Ayokuleyin, Mr. Ogunade Segun, Mr. Akinlabi Ahmed and Mr. Sunday Uzebor.

Trial Magistrate, Mobolaji Tanimola of Court 16 in Ogba, convicted the motorists after they pleaded guilty to a one-count charge bordering on the offence filed against them by the government.

Magistrate Tanimola specifically ordered the traffic offenders to forfeit their vehicles which included four cars, one motorcycle and a tricycle to the government.

The convicts had pleaded guilty to the one-count charge accusing them of driving against traffic contrary to and punishable under Section 7 (b) of the Lagos State Traffic Laws of 2012.

In her judgment, Magistrate Tanimola ordered the forfeiture of the vehicles to government and a payment of N50, 000 each as an option of fine to a six-month imprisonment for driving against on-coming traffic, contrary to the laws of the State.

Both motorcyclists and a tricyclist arrested along with the motorists were ordered to forfeit their motorcycles and a tricycle to government together with the payment of N5, 000 and N30, 000 respectively as an option of fine to a one-month imprisonment each according to the laws of the State.

The Magistrate held that the decision of the Court would go a long way to serve as a deterrent to other motorists who have cultivated the bad habit of contravening the Lagos State Traffic Laws, 2012.
Forfeiture is a pretty serious penalty. After forfeiture, you still get to pay a fine in addition.  Folks, do you think the penalty is harsh?

BLACKY77 (m) at 18-12-2015 10:35PM
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gogoman (m) at 18-12-2015 10:37PM
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why you collect their cars and still fine them  50k again.. na wa oooo.. i think they should challenge  this judgement in another court!!
crocatum (m) at 18-12-2015 10:47PM
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Is it the fault of the average man, that you do not have enough income, when oil prizes were high, you were waistling time using the money like it will be forever. Making lavish meetings and doing nothing, distributing cash just to show your wealth, instead of investing in our people and economy.
olowoinlionsden (m) at 18-12-2015 11:04PM
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Unless the forfeiture of vehicles is included in the edict created for the regulation of traffic in the State, the Judge has overstepped his power.
crocatum (m) at 18-12-2015 11:06PM
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Am sure we have learnt the lesson, don't wait, diversify, seek new opportunities, plan ahead and empower everyone, because we are one big house.
Linconblack (m) at 18-12-2015 11:28PM
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make that useless judge swear say he never violate traffic law before. nonsense judge his so mean and mean.
Ayodun1 (m) at 19-12-2015 12:15AM
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Its too much.....though people like them will learn.

kp45 (m) at 19-12-2015 12:16AM
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Give them their ride you hear. Rubbish
Novic (m) at 19-12-2015 12:24AM
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Oboy see there face, they should just please forgive them. they dnt knw wht they are doing
Oworen25 (m) at 19-12-2015 01:01AM
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This is too much for this people for just beating the traffic meanwhile we all know that even the government officials beats the traffic too. Please the government shouldn't use them as sacrifice lamb.
osarobo62 (m) at 19-12-2015 01:21AM
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this is judicial stupidity......the punishment does not fit the crime.
it's a mere traffic offence.
Dondube (m) at 19-12-2015 02:37AM
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A. Human.  Being. Can. Not. Give.  Such.  Order.  Only.  Animals.  Can.  Say. Something.  Like. That. , that. Why. We. Call.  Nigeria.  Zoological. Republic  and.   The. Zoo. Must.  Fall
dleg (m) at 19-12-2015 05:40AM
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this is too hash
Dames (m) at 19-12-2015 06:45AM
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Gerrara here judge. Onyoshi
micc (m) at 19-12-2015 07:21AM
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The judge is just a thief that's all
DAMILARE100 (m) at 19-12-2015 09:10AM
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Is it constitutional to confiscate the cars? Where in the law did you quote that from(Section what subsection what)? What happened to the people being caught by LAsMA? Do you have to take such harsh actions because it was the Governor that brought the offenders to you? If it were to by LASMA, your pocket would have been settled with naira notes and let them go. What a lawless nation. Am a Yoruba man, but am 100% in support of Biafra if it is presented in a professional way. Nigeria is too complicating to be manged as a nation.
zezprincess (f) at 19-12-2015 10:11AM
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Abeg prosecutor abi lawyer,this your judgement is not acceptable,too harsh,if you are in their shoes,and their judge you like this nko?  Or you dey seek promotion from lagos governor cos na him brought the matter to you,Abeg release their moto&fine them,let them go do xmas with family&friends and rejoicing, Don't you know that it is this kind of your judgement that make people to go&do doz bad things like arm robbery,kidnapping&stealing,just to make earns meet cos una don collect their source of livelyhood.
botlex (m) at 19-12-2015 12:09PM
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Forfeiture??? Abeg this one harsh nah. You only get to know that our lawyers know their onus when they prosecute the poor masses. But if this same crime was committed by a top government politician, he/she won't even be arrested let alone be prosecuted.
Trueyarn (m) at 19-12-2015 12:38PM
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Nonsense Judge with nonsense judgement.
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