”Nigeria Would have Drown, If Not for Buhari”- Ogun State Governor, Ibikunle Amosun

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Governor of Ogun State, Senator Ibikunle Amosun, on Saturday, declared that Nigeria as a nation would have become history if not for the coming on board of the Pres. Buhari’s administration.

Just as he said that only health status would prevent Mr. President from contesting in the 2019 general elections. He noted that the Buhari-led government came at a time the country had security challenges which resulted in loss of lives and property in the North East region of the country.

Amosun said,

“The only thing that can probably prevent Mr. President from contesting is on health ground because if not for this administration of Pres. Buhari, only God knows where Nigeria would have been.
As human beings, we quickly forget things if we would be fair to this administration, they came in, at a very deep end and imagine where the country is today. We were in recession and now we are out of it and it not easy to get to this point.

Again I am saying it, the only thing that can stop Mr President is on health ground but as we can see today Mr President is back rejuvenating and very soon it would be clear for everybody to see that Mr President is so well now.”

The governor, who was apparently reacting to an open support for the presidential bid of former vice president, Alhaji Atiku Abubakar, by the Minister of Women Affairs, Hajia Jummai Alhassan, insisted that if not for Buhari, Nigeria would have gone into extinction.

He advised the minister to resign her appointment as a woman of honour. He said...

“She is entitled to her opinion, but I would have saluted her if she had honourably resigned her appointment, because you cannot blow both hot and cold at the same time.
Yes, I would have saluted her if she had resigned but falling short of resigning has taken everything away from what she had said. Well, I am not Mr President and I know that at the appropriate time he will review things.

For somebody to have come out and say such thing means clearly she is even working against the government and she will not want that government to succeed, that is my own believe.”

kayveetee (m) at 10-09-2017 12:24AM
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4 ur pocket
ejikeiyo (m) at 10-09-2017 12:34AM
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Floyd29 (f) at 10-09-2017 01:00AM
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I no blame you.  Foolish goat.
james987 (m) at 10-09-2017 06:41AM
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Just imagine... Nigeria seized to function under buhari the same thing he did in the 80's.. May God help us.
schmit (f) at 10-09-2017 09:23AM
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Pls shut up
kmoore (m) at 10-09-2017 09:26AM
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This man or governor is very foolish and have explained his foolishness. No improvement in this APC administration. Some one should tell me the open improvement the made. Where is all the Money recovered from Looters? PDP and APC Killed Nigerians. Vote them out if you want progress.
gogoman (m) at 10-09-2017 10:57AM
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my Guy
Wazubia (m) at 10-09-2017 12:04PM
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is it why you cant fix any single road for OGUN STATE. really stupid talk, and wasted generations .
crocatum (m) at 10-09-2017 01:14PM
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Nigeria Would have Drowned.
OkeEyitayo (m) at 10-09-2017 06:21PM
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Baba Amosun, u made a mistake. Nigeria is where she is to day bcos will fail to see God as d one moving this country instead U see  Buhari
tegonwa (m) at 10-09-2017 11:27PM
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Just Imagine.Nigeria Was More Alive With Goodluck,please.Nawaa O!
ruthie (f) at 11-09-2017 12:38PM
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yawa_don_gas (m) at 16-09-2017 04:09AM
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Please please hold on, why e be say everywhere I take even when I wan hide yawa dey there?
Why why?
Na yawa life, yawa goes on
Floyd29 (f) at 19-09-2017 09:23PM
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Baba is the answer to nigerian
Novic (m) at 25-09-2017 09:32AM
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This is serious ooooo..... make I just dey waka pass..... abeg I dey waka pass, I will come and comment later.
This one weak me ooooo, well life must goes on.
I dey waka come bare
BournIdentity (m) at 26-09-2017 05:18AM
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Roll Eyes                                                                           
Oworen25 (m) at 26-09-2017 09:13AM
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This one is none of my business at all
BournIdentity (m) at 26-09-2017 09:58AM
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Roll Eyes                                                                           
BournIdentity (m) at 29-09-2017 04:06AM
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Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes