Published 2 years ago by: Onyedika Joseph
at 30-11-2017 08:26PM (2 years ago)

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This is to inform the general public to beware of what is going on presently in Lagos Island and this happened personally to 
me and other are falling victim on a daily basis too and no one seems to bat an eye lid.

Sincerely, i don't know what our society is turning into, am totally pained and pissed off right now.This happened at Ago tawa lane eyin eyo at idumota Lagos where the Eyo symbol is.

I went to Lagos Island to get some stuff together with my wife when two neatly dressed men approached me that their company is registered and there is a promo going on and i was given a small card to tick out seven numbers and i might be a lucky winner 
that am not to pay a kobo, at first i smell a rat but i decided to play and i was told i won a Generator set which i saw when he opened the placed i ticked on the card and i was happy.

So many thought filled my mind that just like that, i won a generator set, i went to where their Bus, is and i saw two men in front of the car seat while two men were at the back seat as well and i was told to pay 6000 to collect the Generator set but i obliged because i was told that no money was involved but i later paid and i was told to pay 1000 for receipt which i did and i was told to pay for signing again and i got angry and told them to give me back my money and before i could jack jack i saw different guys from no where harassing me and then it dawned on me that have been scammed big time and my wife and i left the scene so as to avoid their embarrassment.

My wife and i went to her friend's place that sells around that area to explain our ordeal and we were told it's a Scam that even the police are aware of this and they settle the police well, the Bus is branded with a company name and registration number on it , there is no way i can take their pictures because they are every where scouting for their next victims.The woman told us that there is no police that we can go to that would attend to us and to my utter dismay they have a soldier with them there as well with his uniform on him.

They are scamming people on a daily basis, on our way home, after four hours they are still there doing same thing to innocent Nigerians, their Boss is an Igbo man, while the others are yoruba touts, i wish i could just snap them with my phone but they are every where, i was told that is what they do on a daily basis and they have settled all the police and if you go and report they will blame you instead and tell you to go, what a pity, what a shame, too bad this is happening here in Lagos, i swear with my life, anyone can fall for this, they make it look real whereas it is a bleeping scam.

It beats me so hard that the police are aware of this Scam and did nothing to stop them, they are robbing people off their hard earned money on a daily basis and no one seems to bat an eye lid, an Igbo man is their boss, he is short and dark in complexion working with other Yoruba touts to carry out their evil on people.

Please pass this on and on and on and on and on, don't be the next victim, December is around the corner, when you are going out and anyone calls you, please pretend like a deaf and dumb and face where you are going to else you will be trapped, don't be the next victim please, be careful, face where you are going to and listen to no one for any reason or you have yourself to blame.

Abeg pass this on and on and on, it happened to me live...

luvly4luv at 4-12-2017 03:21PM (2 years ago)
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I hope these evil scammers have been arrested


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