"Buhari Has Achieved More Than Obasanjo Did In Eight Years" - Prof. Itse Sagay

Published 2 years ago by: onuigbo felicia
at 25-01-2018 12:44PM (2 years ago)

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Professor Itse Sagay, the Chairman of the Presidential Advisory Committee on Anti-Corruption (PACAC) has told Channels Television in a telephone interview that President Muhammadu Buhari's administration recorded more achievements than the eight-year rule of former President Obasanjo.
He was reacting to Obasanjo's special statement in which he urged Buhari to quietly bow out and not contest in the 2019 election.
The former President, in the 13-page statement issued on Tuesday, advised President Buhari not to seek re-election and called for a new movement to salvage Nigeria from its challenges.
He said the present government has failed, especially in one of the areas it pitched as its ‘key point of action’ when it assumed office – the anti-corruption fight.
However, the Presidency and the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC) yesterday defended thanked Obasanjo for his observation, the Sagay believes the former President lacks the moral right to fault the president government.
“I want to make a clear statement that in my view, what the Buhari government has achieved in two and half years is far more than what Obasanjo achieved in eight years.

“He (Obasanjo) has no right to start writing public letters and running down other governments simply because he’s no longer the one in power.”
Sagay said.
Sagay further said the advice came from the wrong source.
He said: “My immediate reaction is that it sounds very ill in the mouth of the person who sought three terms of presidency to demand that the person who has not even sought a second term to abort any idea of doing the second term.

“That advice is coming from the wrong source; he has no moral right to give that advice.”

The PACAC chairman noted that he has monitored President Buhari’s government closely and cannot overlook that fact that it has had its own challenges.
He, however, insisted that it has been the best government since the country returned to democracy while accusing the former President of disrespecting his successors.
“This is the best government we have had since return to civilian rule in 1999; far better than Obasanjo’s,” Sagay said.
“Obasanjo appears not to have respect for other people who have been in governance after him – (Late Umar) Yar’Adua, (Dr Goodluck) Jonathan, (President) Buhari.

“He has this penchant for writing derogatory letters about them and publishing it in the press and making them look bad to the public, and it shows lack of respect and my own view is that he wants to continue to dominate Nigerian politics,”
he alleged.

angesco at 25-01-2018 12:55PM (2 years ago)
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Are you serious? How is Buharis leadership the best since return to civilian rule in 1999.

Nigeria has been on a DOWNWARD SPIRAL since the 1st October 1960.

And now they want to turn Nigeria into a vast FARMYARD of COWS!!!

ruthie at 25-01-2018 01:25PM (2 years ago)
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what do u expect from him...abeg next jare
alao333 at 25-01-2018 01:30PM (2 years ago)
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Oga sagay, how much is cup of garri in the now, poor people are finding it hard to buy, Because it did not affect people the rich u can not know
cypanyahucha at 25-01-2018 01:34PM (2 years ago)
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Prof, you're better than this. It beats me hollow how revered people in the academia and other noble professions make a 360 degree turn to what they attacked when they have a taste of what they did not expect.
slimber at 25-01-2018 01:42PM (2 years ago)
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The same people please next
abrakata at 25-01-2018 01:45PM (2 years ago)
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This man truly need an immediate brain test unless he is not living in this planet earth. Even the rich feels the heat of this clueless government in some ways
ikpotokin at 25-01-2018 03:31PM (2 years ago)
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This man is very stupid. How can you compare Obasanjo with evil Buhari
SOGaiya at 25-01-2018 03:39PM (2 years ago)
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I personally tink dis prof . is very sick mentally n dentally DAT is y
gogoman at 25-01-2018 05:15PM (2 years ago)
(31814 | Addicted Hero) (m)

yes na true
SweetDaddy1 at 25-01-2018 07:06PM (2 years ago)
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Itse Sagay belong to phycratic home, no person with normal brain would write this nonsense... Grin Grin Grin
james987 at 25-01-2018 07:12PM (2 years ago)
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xspraise at 25-01-2018 10:06PM (2 years ago)
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for your mind

fineboy77 at 26-01-2018 09:15AM (2 years ago)
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Of course he has done wonderfully well in your Bank account.

fancy315 at 29-01-2018 09:04AM (2 years ago)
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Chaiii, smh, I cry for Nigeria with it's evil, old, wicked, wizards called politicians and so called professor, Sagay who is one of Buhari's goons . What a shame. He has sold his soul to the devil