British Woman Escapes Through Window After Being Held As Sex Slave By Africans In Italy

Published 1 year ago by: CLARA JANCITA
at 24-04-2018 09:52AM (1 year ago)

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A woman was held as a sex slave for weeks in Italy before escaping through a window, police have said. The woman met Mamadou Jallow via Facebook and initially travelled to Germany to live with him. The British woman said after several months, he was forced to flee because he stabbed a rival during a drug dispute.

They travelled to Rosarno in the south-west of Italy where Jallow, a migrant from Burkino Faso, had a home.But she says the situation suddenly changed and Jallow held her against her will and repeatedly raped her. Jallow, 37, emptied her bank account and confiscated her mobile phone, it is alleged.

Two other men, from Mali, also came to the house to abuse her, it is claimed. After several weeks, the alleged victim, from the north of England, managed to get hold of her phone and call her family for help.

They had already contacted police after not hearing from the woman for several months. Police coordinated with the local force in Rosarno and they were able to direct the woman to safety after she climbed through a window.

Jallow and the two other suspects were arrested a short time later. A police spokesman in Rosarno told The Sun: “The woman was in a terrible state.”She was kept as a slave for two weeks and abused by three men.”

ruthie at 24-04-2018 09:57AM (1 year ago)
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fineboy77 at 24-04-2018 10:00AM (1 year ago)
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chukkychukky at 24-04-2018 10:10AM (1 year ago)
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fernande13 at 24-04-2018 10:13AM (1 year ago)
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Mykie010 at 24-04-2018 10:17AM (1 year ago)
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celebritygee at 24-04-2018 02:31PM (1 year ago)
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She was kept as slave for two weeks only? while up til date the British is still holding us as slaves. The truth of the whole matter is yet to be revealed which I knows very well that the British will not reveal....Una know say men from Burkina Faso and Mali dey carry bulala. The British woman just dey enjoy herself but she no want settle the guys 
gogoman at 24-04-2018 02:35PM (1 year ago)
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slimber at 24-04-2018 08:10PM (1 year ago)
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princezeeman at 25-04-2018 03:27PM (1 year ago)
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