Nigerians Forgive Me-Ibinabo Fiberesima Begs As She Recounts Events That Led To The Death Of Dr Giwa

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A US based Nigerian Journalist Azuka Jebose Did an article on Ibinabo's quest for Political Office, citing the accident that happened many years back, he felt she had no right to seek for office and for the first time Ibinabo tells the full story of what happened that day that ended the life of US based Dr Giwa who was visiting Nigeria...




“ Dear Azuka,
I greet you. Thank you for allowing me to respond to your recent post here about my political ambition and the fatal accident of 2006. I need to tell my story. I stayed silent for so long and watched as my life, character and person were being ruined in published reports, including social media. This is my story, told for the first time on social media platform.

My heart has never stopped aching. It will not. An accident took the life of someone. I am forever in mourning because of this. Two families’ lives have been changed forever with this unfortunate fatal accident.

It was an accident.

Dr. Suraj Giwa didn’t have to die.

I wished I could bring him back.

I am sorry for the pains caused.

I have also been maligned and disparaged in the media: I am a monster. I am a killer and a murderer, I am a drunk... No. Azuka. I am none of these.

I am just another human being that was in a deadly accident and the accident caused the death of Dr. Suraj Giwa.

It’s been 12 years of heartache, pain and depression for me.

My eyes are rivers of tears.

Some days I feel like killing myself.

Life has no meaning to me.

I think about Dr. Giwa every day.

I pray for his soul and I pray and seek forgiveness from his family for the pain and agony.

I am very sorry.

It didn’t have to happen. I wished I knew it would happen that unfortunate day, I would not have travelled that road.

I was not drunk that day.

Azuka, I was driving along Lekki road, returning home after picking up a friend’s daughter from a church Fellowship. Suddenly, a red car overtook the SUV in front of me. The SUV was travelling slowly, so I shifted to its front, too. The red vehicle was being driven by a young man and had his friends with him…I drove past the red car. I think that might have angered the young chap because he swiftly sped from behind, drove past me and made a sudden stop in my front.

I tried to avoid hitting those boys in the red car. I swerved and lost control in that moment, the impact dived my vehicle into inbound lane.. Dr. Giwa was inbound, thus he drove into my car and both cars collided. I collapsed and passed out..

Three days later, I WOKE UP IN A HOSPITAL bed to learn what had happened. I was weak, sore and in pains. I could not move my legs. I had been sedated for three days. Doctors said they had to sedate me to numb my pain. Meanwhile, the police had been informed that I was in that hospital. The Lagos State Police came to the hospital to take my statement of what happened. After I gave them my statement, I was arrested at the hospital and charged to court.

At my court appearance for hearing, the judge noticed how sick, weak, incoherent an disoriented I was: he also saw my injuries. He ordered that I should be sent back to the hospital for further treatment until I was well enough to stand trial. I could not walk then.

Later at the hospital, I woke up from coma and to reality. I was afraid and shocked. I could not believe I was involved in an accident that had taken a life. I was like: Wow!..Someone died in that accident. Oh my God!. I didn’t know the family. While I was in the hospital my family contacted the family of Late dr. Giwa who died in the accident. My family was there for the funeral and did everything during the mourning season. I was afraid. But I met them in court and tried to approach them. I understood the anger and pain I had caused them, so I accepted their anger toward me….his sister was really angry at me… I wanted to talk to her… it was hard for me to get close to her… I understood all these: the pain and distress they felt as a result of the accident. I felt their pain. I wanted to tell them how sorry and remorseful I was… It was an accident. I did not intend to wake up that morning, went out and had a fatal collision.

Weeks later, I was arraigned. I attended all my court appearances. During the process I visited the family and attempted several times to make peace. I never ignored them. I am always sorry. I know the pain is tough, so I understood their anger but I kept begging. I am sorry. I had gone to so many good people and friends to assist me in pleading for forgiveness from the family. One of such friends is late Iyalode of Lagos. She assisted me in begging the Giwa family: when I became well and able to walk, she took me to The former Imam of Lagos and the Present Oba of Lagos: these traditional and religious leaders begged on my behalf, pleading with the family for forgiveness and showed how sorry and remorseful I was that the accident happened.

I never ran away from the scene of the accident.

I was unconscious.

How could an unconscious accident victim remove plate license and registration papers from the vehicle as reported in the media? Why would I do a thing like that? How could I have done a thing like that?

Azuka, these were all lies manufactured and circulated in the media to tarnish me.

Days after the wreck, I woke up in a hospital.

I was never drunk as being speculated and alleged.

I was never charged for drunk driving.

I was charged for reckless and dangerous driving.

I am forever very sorry this accident happened. I never planned for it. I plead with the family. I reached out to the GO of the church where the late doctor’s wife worships to beg him to join me plead with her. He was on a crusade in Benue and I went and met with him. I am very sorry it happened. I am not arrogant or careless. I have just been wrongly represented and maligned in the media. The story has several versions that make me a heartless beautiful beast and monster. I have not said much because the family is bereaved. It hurts. I need to respect their sorrows and what they are going through:trying to explain myself, I thought, would sound arrogant. So I kept quiet. I have been sorry from the moment I learnt the accident took a dear life.

Life has never been the same for both families. I am sorry. Losing Dr Giwa altered our lives and I regret that. It’s devastating.

As the case was progressing, I began to read so many false stories about me being arrogant, being an alcoholic and drove under the influence on that day; that I refused to ask the family to forgive me..

Wow...I was stunned. How are all these possible?. So I approached Giwa’s family to find out the source of all these stories that do not make sense. The family said my Nollywood colleagues told them all kinds of things and lies about me. The lies included: that I owned a night club and so I must have been returning from my night club, drunk. I owned a night club years before the accident. They said someone that sells alcohol is an alcoholic. Azuka I am being punished with false statements saturating the media. I am broken…

Soon, I was stopped from going to visit Giwa’s Mother…. The only person that always met with me was Barrister Giwa , he is the Eldest in the family...who would tell me “Ibinabo you were at the wrong place at the wrong time… things happen…” What do I do?…

Meantime, I became pregnant and my due date was approaching. At that point I was sentenced to fine because the judge said I had shown remorse. I didn’t even have any money in court that day. A woman I didn’t know paid for me. So I left for UK to go and have my baby.

After the birth of my child, I returned to continue seeking peace and forgiveness with the family. My lawyer informed me of another court appearance. Hmmm, Azuka, I came back to start all over again….

I didn’t know what was happening. I couldn’t look at myself anymore…why would this case reopen?. What have I done?.. In the middle of this craziness, false statements began to spread and track, again: that I was throwing parties and celebrating… How could I be doing that?. I wasn’t even in Nigeria…I just returned then from child birthing..How could I have been throwing parties when I was pregnant?. Parties for what celebration?.. Azuka… I couldn’t do all these things…… somebody lost his life, why should I party, Azuka? But I kept quiet, secretly begging the family, seeking forgiveness, Azuka. I kept begging… I feel their pain. I was involved in an accident: a wonderful son, father and husband lost his Life: I kept begging.. I dint know what else to do….

Giwa’s family said that somebody told them I was drunk at my club and must have been coming from there, that day. Are you serious?. My club was closed eight years before the accident happened..

There was no alcohol involved. I wasn’t drunk on the day of the accident.

These silly rumors manifested in the mainstream and social media: the rumors continue to spread that I was drunk when the accident happened…

The accident had nothing to do with alcohol. Azuka: Nothing!.

My charge was reckless driving that caused someone’s death.

It wasn’t driving while impaired.

It wasn’t alcohol that caused the death of Dr. Suraj.

It wasn’t… it wasn’t…there was nothing that concerned alcohol with the unintentional accident.. Nothing, Azuka!... NOTHING!!!!

They keep breaking me with these false accusations in public. The public bought into them and perhaps, accepted I was drunk on that day. I keep praying to God to release me from this miserable bondage…I am broken! My life is uncomfortable.. I do not go out. I hardly socialize. I am afraid. I do not know what to do….I don’t know…..

I have been rubbished as a heartless, careless, monster, inhuman party girl and jail bird: I am none of these…

Azuka, I am not a cold blooded murderer....I am not a Killer.

I am not.

I was never charged for drunk driving.

I was charged with reckless and dangerous driving.

I am very sorry this accident happened.

It was unintentional.

I am still pleading with the family….I can’t hurt anyone. I am a human being.

I wanted to end my life. I said that was it. It’s over for me. I was tired.

I wanted to commit suicide because I was tired of reading things I never knew about: false stories that dehumanized me. It hurts. Its agonizing.

Everything that was wrong became my story.

I would ask where and when did such stories happened to me. I became a monster in the eyes of everyone. So I thought suicide was the best option to end all these and find peace for my family and Dr. Giwa’s family.

I lost myself.

I was no longer Ibinabo.

I didn’t know who I was.

I became a stranger to myself and my family, afraid of life and living, scarred by and scared of human beings.

I withdrew and became clinically depressed.

I could not take care of my children.

I was dying.

Azuka, I was dying. Life had no meaning to me.

I became a lonely zombie: a mother that could not care for her children, distressed, disturbed and severely depressed.

I was sent to Kirikiri female Prison. I wanted to die there.

I accepted to end it.

But one preacher came to the prison and preached to us. It was like he was talking to me. During his sermon, I fainted… I was revived by prisoners that attended the service. When I woke up, I was soaked in water and the prisoners gathered around me… I asked what happened and they told me I had Passed out during the service.. That opened my eyes. I asked myself then: Ibinabo, do you really want to die?. I said no. I must turn my life to purpose driven, to rescue the weak and helped those that society had turned against.. I held onto God. I told Him it was up to Him. I didn’t want to see any lawyer again, I had no money. My family bailed me out after three months and three days…. I came out to pursue the appeal…
I was living my simple life…I engaged in works with youths in my village. I enjoy spending time in my town. They know me there. They love me there… I was on my way to a funeral when my lawyer called me.. Earlier the previous day, I called to inform him I would be out of town and hoped the appeal date would not be scheduled while I was out of town.

He said no. I told him I didn’t want the court to think I jumped bail… He called me on my way to the funeral, the next day and said the court date was actually that morning. I had to hurry back to court.

I lost the appeal.

I was shocked.

My lawyer did not understand what was going on. That day, I was taken back to Kirikiri maximum security prison… that was 2016…

While at Kirikiri, I discovered I had a lump in my Bosom . I had to do surgery… when I was released, I went to the village so that I would not breakdown and collapse into depression again…

Yes I want to serve my people.. I want to be positive and impact people’s lives. And yes, Azuka, I remember that this sad situation is still here…

I do not know who else to talk to…

I do not know what else to do.

I need help…

The family sued me for N200Million in a civil case…

Where will I get that money from?. So we have been negotiating to see where we can get to, so I can begin making payment by installment.

We have agreed to settle out of court… we are not there yet. It’s a process… Though I have appealed this case to the Supreme Court, what is important to me now is making peace with the family: that is more important because it will heal me… his family and I would have peace.

Azuka I am not a bad person. I do not know what else to do. People think I am a murderer. I am not. I am not. Azuka, free me….Free me… It was an unfortunate accident. I didn’t do it intentionally. That’s all I have been begging…
I have begged…I do not know what to do…I am truly sorry it happened…

I am not running for any political office. My people wanted me. A group of youths from my place asked me to run for office, I said no. They went and printed poster and placed it on social media. So I endorsed it.

Eventually, I must live. I have to do things to my fulfillment, to what God wants me to do; to be able to help youths help people generally… Life in Okrika is not easy… I need to help the youths believe in themselves… they are aching.. In my region, simple things of life are a struggle to get. I need to change their mindset that there is alternative way to Life… I have become a seeker of peace for my people… Life hasn’t been a bed of roses…

But I must deal with this issue. I seek forgiveness from the family and peace of mind. I need to find closure and peace.…

I am not a killer… I care too much… I am a caring person. I put myself in the shoes of Giwa’s family and I can understand their pains. I am very sorry for the loss of life of Dr. Giwa. I am. I am not arrogant.

I never, ever said to his family that I would not offer public apology.

I was offered to do a public service announcement across country with regards to Driving While Impaired. I said if I did that, it then meant I accepted I was drunk when I drove my car. I wasn’t drunk. I would do anything but that. I wasn’t drunk… they assumed because I owned a night club in the past, so I must be an alcoholic.

This is exactly the truth. It’s not fair to admit that I was drunk.

The police did not arrest me for drunk driving..

The court never charged me with drunk driving..

There were reckless and dangerous driving charges.

Those were what I was charged by the court….

I was not charged with manslaughter.

Not murder…

My pains through the years include:

Bouts of depression

Attempted suicide

I Had surgeries in my Bosom  to remove lumps.

I cannot do a lot.

This unfortunate experience has affected my job prospects. I am unemployable I have stopped acting for a while. I just do charity works.. I am not flamboyant..

Dear Nigeria, I am sorry. I will forever regret what happened.

Giwa was a father, husband and son. He was the sole and soul provider of his family. I feel terrible he died during an accident which I was involved. I feel really bad. I am sorry.

I need prayers. Please pray for me and the soul of Giwa and his family.

I know I have found God through this experience. But I still need help. I am receiving therapy for my depression and suicidal thoughts… I am able to share these with you.. I am healing… one moment at a time..I am not a killer. I am not a murderer. I am not an alcoholic. I did not drive while intoxicated. I was involved in an accident that resulted in death and for that I am very sorry. I have had periods of feeling miserable in the last 12years as a result of this accident. I need to find peace. I seek forgiveness. I am sorry."

This is Azuka Jebose's end note to the Brouhaha his write up elicited..



Last week, I shared here, an opinion essay about a 12 year fatal accident which involved the families of the dead victim, Late Dr. Suraj Giwa:living victim, Ibinabo Fiberesima, the driver.

In the essay, I indicted Ms. Fiberesima for her attempt, twelve years later, to move on with her life by seeking elective political office. My opinion was drawn from published and online reports about her and the experience, through the years. Her tears, cries and pleas for forgiveness were trivialized by “mob sentiments” with sympathy to the bereaved family. That is understandable anger, raving, then....

Every life is priceless. Living can be precious. Who am I to be blind, pretending not to feel pains and trauma from both families?. Ibinabo’s life is forever altered, from the day that accident happened. The lives of Giwa’s loved ones also changed. Nothing will bring back Dr. Giwa. Both families need peace and healing.

But after the “Beauty Is Not above the Law” essay went viral, I went searching for Ibinabo. It was fair she responded to my opinion. I am nobody’s hit squad. She deserves to use the same platform to defend accusations and allegations raised… I found her through my dear friend and sister, Betty Irabor. Ibinabo, for the first time, spoke her pains, trauma and the burdens of being maligned in the media. She took me on an emotional journey into her life after February 2006… I was bewildered. One hour of rain of tears, Ibinabo went deepest, passionately made her case and swore before the living, dead and God. The years have slowly sneaked by, but the wounds are still fresh, deep inside her heart and soul. What human being would keep these to her heart 12 years without busted arteries?.

From her stories, I reconstructed her part in the unintentional sad end of the doctor and discovered that, her life was ruined by what lived on social, mainstream media and our judicial system: malicious organized smear media campaigns to either keep the sentiments and sympathy brewing or to slowly break her humanity…

We judged her and hurriedly concluded that she was a murderer, an alcoholic: she left the scene of the accident after tampering evidence, arrogantly refused to publicly apologize to the family: None of these were true. Giwa’s mother had long forgiven her….Yet, these were in public domain, until this week when Ibinabo bravely opened up to tell her story, her way.

She was a stunning actress, thus, stood out as a privileged beautiful Biracial spoilt brat. Our assumed but faulted imaginations of her person and background of elegance, affluence and influence, drove the scorn to crucify her by any means necessary, powered by well orchestrated stories from the victims family, friends, well connected wishers and their alleged legal team: imagine Ibinabo, attending a court only to be taunted by hired Biracial babes in Lagos thus:” you think you are the only beautiful half cast in Lagos?... Or crawled into the Chambers of one of the Judges to seek forgiveness and redemption, apologized, only to be ordered to lay on cold office floor and at the mercy of “Her Honor?”…. We, the people were wrong. We believed because we felt the pain and sadness of Giwa’s family. We refused or ignored Ibinabo’s remorseful voice, pleas and begging. We demonized her: an outcast, an abomination: she had stained our soil: a superb brat boldly driving while heavily impaired and causing the death of a dear Lagos Doctor. Do you feel how it’s easy to fall for the campaigns to dehumanize a charming heart in the wrong place at the wrong time?.

Ibinabo’s life is forever affected by an unfortunate deadly circumstance.. We now know the magnitude of her remorsefulness, pains, sorrows and agonies. Every breath she takes is atonement. But should atonement cost her, this life?. Hasn’t she suffered enough?. What shall it take to forgive and begin to heal?. After 12 years of begging everyone connected to Giwa’s soul, must she continue to be a slave to begging? Is this what Giwa’s soul would wish for her?. Don’t tell me she caused the death of a young life. Ibinabo doesn’t need to be reminded. She lives this every day. She knows it. She suffers for this every second of her living…She feels it. And she is sorry for this. Must her life and existence stop?.

I feel the Giwa’s pains and grievances. But forgiveness is a virtue.
Ibinabo must rise above the guilt. It has been twelve years: She has mourned and continues to mourn. Love her or loathe her, she is human. She needs to take control of her life with our support. She needs to find herself again, for the sakes of her family, children and also in memory of Dr. Giwa. We must rise above our “petty mob sentiments” and collectively seek healing for both families. Ibinabo Fiberesima deserves to rebuild fragments of her life from this unfortunate happenstance. Suraj Giwa’s family deserves closure. May the soul of late Dr. Giwa continue to live in Grace.

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slimber at 10:10 AM, 28/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(12070 | Hero) (f)

God is your strenghth
fineboy77 at 11:54 AM, 28/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(9913 | Hero) (m)

without sin,there will be no forgiveness of sin. I forgive you,go and sin no more

gogoman at 12:57 PM, 28/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(31816 | Addicted Hero) (m)

we no go gree, so u won do politics abi
osarobo62 at 05:17 PM, 28/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(11725 | Hero) (m)

keep to your acting career and private business....NO TO ELECTIVE POLITICS
blowout at 05:19 PM, 28/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(1614 | Gistmaniac) Online (m)

you did the crime. you did the time. you have been forgiven but people have not forgotten. going for an elective position will not help matters.
EZEDANCO at 05:26 PM, 28/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(77 | Newbie) (m)

Dear Fiberesima,
You've tried to seek genuine forgiveness and make peace, it was an accident, no deliberate intention to kill anyone.
Believe it or not God has forgiven you and had set you free from that satanic stigma, note: 1. you are not a killer, 2. you are not a murderer, whom God gas not condemned, no one can condemn him/her. Whatever anyone is saying, put it behind you and forge ahead. If God has approved your political ambition, no one can stop you. Congratulations.

SweetDaddy1 at 08:09 PM, 28/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(2387 | Gistmaniac) (m)

The truth is that it was an accident, may the soul of Dr Giwa rest in perfect peace.
EDDYPRINCE at 11:32 PM, 28/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(28554 | Addicted Hero) (m)

How many times will this news come up Here?
james987 at 07:51 AM, 29/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(8597 | Hero) Online (m)

This kind matter na the two families suppose sort things out
Otikadinje at 05:21 PM, 29/04/2018 (1 year ago)
(3937 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Brace up yourself and move on with your life you have begged enough, may God touch Giwa's family to have a forgiving hearts after 12 unthinkable years haba !!!!



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