See Ugandan Parliament Where They Do Sleeping And Chewing Competition (Video)

1 year ago by: kacy lee
-- (f) at 18-06-2019 06:48AM

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This is a typical Ugandan Parliament.. when they are not sleeping or chewing they are in a brawl over an issue that would have been resolved amicably. With this happening in a place where policies are enacted how would the nation move forward and how would the continent as a whole thrive to that place of development.

Here is a video of one their sittings and it has gone viral.

It is unfortunate that this trend is not peculiar to Uganda alone. #lettheyoungmindsrule

-- olowoinlionsden (m) at 18-06-2019 08:41AM
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What do you expect of Parliamentarians of a Country whose Headship is Everlasting. They have no hope  Leadership will come in their own Generation.
-- smart61 (m) at 18-06-2019 02:22PM
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law makers my ass. foolish old men and grand mama. where are the young ones? why all these old fools and pot belly idiots. this why africa is very backward
-- Baye77 Online (m) at 19-06-2019 10:33AM
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Serious matter...