FRSC Arrests Development Consultant, Mary Ikoku For Using Google Map While Driving In Abuja

Published 6 days ago by: success Xenab
at 01:25 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)

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Mary Ikoku, a development consultant, was stopped by FRSC officials in Abuja for driving with Google Map and her car was impounded.

The media practitioner said she was placed under arrest by officials of the Federal Road Safety Corps. When she asked what her offence was, she said she was told to show them her phone. They noticed she was using Google Map so they told her that was her offence.

Her car was impounded and she was asked to follow them to their office. There, she was fined 4,000 Naira and was also asked to check into a national hospital for mental evaluation for driving with Google Map.

Sharing photos of the offence sheet opened for her, she wrote:

Wow! We still have a lot of surprises in this yulitide. Men of the Federal Road Safety Corps have just impounded my car. Asked what's my offence, they said, show me your phone and I turned my phone to him, and the guy said you are under arrest for driving with the aid of Google map on your mobile phones. Wawu!! I'm like seriously!! He said, madam it  is a serious traffic offence. I asked to see the team lead, their team lead came and after hearing fro  his collegue and me said, "the law forbids motorists from using mobile phones in any form while driving, as it can lead to accident". I can see you are using Google map on your phone. Madam it is distractive so follow us to our office.

This is unbelievable!! You see ba, I have an emergency and have requested for a ticket so I can deal with this later but they said No. I must drive to their office. Well ladies and gentlemen, I've been given a ticket of N4000 payable to Remita my offence is using GPS. They have my car and my keys and my drivers license. When I'm done paying to remita then I will be checked into national hospital for mental examination for using GPS while driving. The real mad folks are those who believe is an offence to drive with Google map. They called Google map a distraction. So if you are driving in Abuja, ditch the GPS and drive on, get to middle of the road stop and ask any road safety or traffic warder thus; oga where is the direction to Apo, Asokoro or just any where you are going. You don't need direction map. The worst kind of illiteracy is the illiteracy of a government.

Please if you have an opportunity to live in a saner place , now is the time to weigh your options and check out.  A lot of things don't make sense here.

In a new post, she revealed that her car has been released to her after some FRSC officers intervened. The mental evaluation was also waived.

She wrote:

Update on the Road Safety saga: My car has been released to me. It took the intervention of two Road Safety guys Adeniyi and Akeem. God bless them. Fine officers I must say.

The guys also took me to the office of the corp marshal for emotional evaluation waiver. I had a great conversation with the gentle men and can tell that indeed there are some great guys within the road safety. The overzealous ones may be in every corner and in your face but those two are incredibly awesome in handling my matter.

Let me use this time to thank you all my friends who made a call or two. Thank you for not calling Nigeria a zoo out of provocation but e reach to do so lol. What is the price of a #hatespeech by the way. Believe it, use of phone while driving whether is for Google map or map Google is an offence.

The rebuttal from the corps marshal is neither here nor there. Please read it again and be guided. There was indeed, a country.

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levite1 at 01:50 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(13 | Newbie) (m)

That is African. They always go to the extreme. In advance world,  80%  uses Google map from their phone for direction. Even as long as you are using an ear piece  with your phone, it is not an offence.  Definitely that zoo called Nigeria needs to be bulldozed and rebuilt  with fresh ideas. The same rotten set of old schools that should be eliminated  are still everywhere with barbaric ideas. They all need to be flush out totally to include their genration
ttuswale at 01:55 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(148 | Upcoming) (m)

Most of this road safety officials bought the certificate they're complete illiterate .
ttuswale at 01:56 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(148 | Upcoming) (m)

Most of this road safety officials bought the certificate they're complete illiterate .
deelo at 02:28 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(42 | Newbie) (m)

Hopefully they will tell their pilots when flying not to rely on his/her instruments or GPS. Instead of banning it, complete a safety assessment and recommend a safe place to prop your devices while driving (e.g. by your speedometer, dashboard etc).
Sameola1 at 02:33 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(64 | Newbie) (m)

Doyourworst at 02:48 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(1754 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Primitive mammals without Brain!. Absolutely Ridiculous. Overzealous Baboons in uniform. SMH.
Wazubia at 05:00 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(5439 | Gistmaniac) Online (m)

Baye77 at 08:13 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(5378 | Gistmaniac) (m)

It's crazy and unheard of..but still, I believe they have their reasons...they have said it that using mobile phone in any capacity while driving constitutes a traffic using google map on mobile is still using mobile phone...why are we so quick to disrespect our own laws but when we get to outside this country, we respect every shitty law there???
victorstic1 at 08:35 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(5020 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Thank ur star is 4000 naira ,i thought is 40k because naija don t take 3 zeros figure
scottchris at 09:42 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(4442 | Gistmaniac) (m)

So we shouldnt use googlle map again.... they should arrest all UBER drivers then... and half of want use to lost abi?

jahlovesme at 09:51 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(3308 | Gistmaniac) (m)

lilke play like play frsc don dey take this thing serious
owieelov25 at 10:33 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(290 | Upcoming) (m)

sue dem
SweetDaddy1 at 11:39 AM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(2402 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Thank you for sharing that information, any thing happens in a failed State
ifatuke at 01:13 PM, 4/12/2019 (6 days ago)
(79 | Newbie) (m)

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