Imo Speaker Promises $10,000 To Anyone Who Can Travel To Italy To Authenticate His Certificate

Published On: December 14, 2019, 9:24 am
Olusanya Akinrinola
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Imo State House of Assembly Speaker, Dr. Chiji Collins has promised a $10,000 reward for anyone who can travel to Italy to verify the authenticity of his academic certificates which has sparked off controversy in the last few months.
Several groups have called on the speaker to come out clean on claims of bagging a Doctorate Degree from Universita degli Studi di Reggio Calabria. According to the different political groups, Chiji Collins was conferred with ‘Laurea di Dottore' from the Italian institution, the basic for which he affixes Ph.D to his name. They however stated that it is misleading as the Nigerian equivalent of Laurea di Dottore is a Bachelor Degree and not doctorate in rank.
The Imo House of Assembly Speaker who increased the money from $5,000 he earlier promised to $10,000, affirmed that he attended one of the best institutions in the world which has trained notable individuals including Dr. Richard Agbarakwe, a renowned medical practitioner.
Collins urged his critics and opponents to sheath their sword and embrace peace while pointing out that no Nigerian University is rated among best 100
Chairman House Committee on Information and Judiciary, Dominic Ezerioha also denied claims of members of the committee having cold feet in investigating the certificate scandal the Speaker is enmeshed in. According to him, investigation will soon be concluded and the committee's report will also be submitted.

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I graduated from one of the most prestigious university in the world and when you check it thoroughly this juice fake it .Since u graduated from the best university what is your ass being doing with your knowledge acquired or your PhD was to breed or groom a fraudster and a looting strategy ?
-- crusita (f) at 14-12-2019 04:43PM
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why don,t stay in there to work or is because there is no check and balance .
-- stainfrees (m) at 15-12-2019 12:01AM
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Equivalent to Laurea / Laurea di Dottore from Italy
Country   Equivalent Diploma
Albania   Diplomë - Titulli
Algeria   Licence
Argentina   Titulo de licenciado
Australia   Bachelor's Degree
Austria   Bachelor
Bangladesh   Master
Belarus   Дыплом бакалўра
Belgium   Grade de licence
Benin   Diplôme de maîtrise
Brazil   Licenciado
Bulgaria   Бакалавбр
Burundi   Grade de licencié
 ↳ Quebec   Baccalauréat / Bachelor's degree
 ↳ Alberta   Honours Bachelor's Degree
 ↳ British Colombia   Bachelor's Degree
 ↳ Manitoba   Honours Bachelor's Degree
 ↳ New Brunswick   Bachelor's Degree
 ↳ Newfoundland and Labrador   Bachelor's Degree (Honours)
 ↳ Ontario   Bachelor's Degree
 ↳ Prince Edward Island   Bachelor's Degree
 ↳ Saskatchewan   Bachelor's Degree
Cambodia   Bachelor's degree
Cameroon   Licence
Chile   Grado de licenciado
China   Bachelor's Degree
Colombia   Titulo de profesional
Cuba   Titulo de … (ex: contador, informático)
Democratic Republic of Congo   Grade de licencié
Dominican Republic   Titulo de licenciada
Egypt   Bachelor's Degree
El Salvador   Titulo de licenciado
France   Licence
Germany   Bachelor's Degree
Guatemala   Grado de licenciado
Guinea   Diplôme de maîtrise
Haiti   Licence
Hungary   Bachelor's degree
India   Bachelor's Degree (other)
Iran   Karshenasi (Bachelor's Degree)
Iraq   Bachelor's Degree
Israel   Boger Universitah - Bachelor's Degree
Ivory Coast   Maîtrise
Jamaica   Bachelor's Degree
Japan   Gakushi (Bachelor's Degree)
Jordan   Bachelor's Degree
Kazakhstan   Bakalavr (Bachelors Degree)
Kuwait   Bachelor's Degree
Lebanon   Bachelor's Degree
Madagascar   Maîtrise
Mali   Diplôme de maîtrise
Mauritius   Bachelor's Degree
Mexico   Titulo de (a la Universidad)
Moldova   Diploma de Licenta
Morocco   Licence
Netherlands   WO (Bachelor's Degree)
Nigeria   Bachelor's Degree
Norway   Bachelor's Degree
Pakistan   Bachelor (Professionnal)
Peru   Titulo de licenciado
Philippines   Master
Russia   Диплом специалиста
United Kingdom   Bachelor's Degree
United States of America   Bachelor's Degree
 Laurea / Laurea di Dottore
You don't need to go to Italy before you get the truth. The above says it all ok? Gracias a todos. Brother you lied on this one. I am here and knows what it means pls. Let's stop misleading people and be upright in life. Gracias.