'My Ex Father In Law Tried To Sleep With Me While I Was Pregnant' - Juliet Mgborukwe

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On Wednesday December 18, 2019 Denver based former TV girl Juliet Mgborukwe celebrated her divorce from hubby Chima Ojukwu whom she referred to as a Narcissist.......

Ex husband Chima Ojukwe made a retaliation post where he said she aimed for his money but got none and that he would be paying 22 Dollars for child support...He also made a video and said their Marriage crashed because he caught her with a white man...

SDK Blog contacted Juliet to hear what she has to say concerning the allegations and she opened a can of worms on her ex family in law...

The Reason Her Marriage crashed

According to her..
''Did you see the video he made saying he caught me with a white guy bla bla bla? it is a fat lie, Infact when he broke my nose, I was actually pregnant with our daughter and his parents were living with us because they are broke here in America and can’t afford a place of their own.. While his family stayed with us, his dad made several attempts to sleep with me but I refused. what really caused the fight that made him break my nose was because I confronted him about his Dad severally attempting to sleep with me.Whenever he was at work,his Dad would make attempts to try to convince me to sleep with him even while i was pregnant with out kids....

I told him that I couldn’t take it anymore and that his Dad had to leave and get his own place but Chima kept defending his dad and that and more issues escalated to a fight that made him punch me several times and broke my nose.He is making up a lot of stories to paint me black because his ego is wounded''.

''I relocated to America to give my Marriage a second chance after we had parted ways but i walked into the arms of a very violent man who tried to use punches and intimidation to break me..Yes his punches broke my body but he could not break my spirit and now he is out there making up lies.
I will not keep quiet to his lies''

On if she tried to get his money but didn't succeed Juliet says...
''Don’t mind him with saying I want to get his money. This man has been in America for over 20 years and couldn’t even buy a house until I joined him... I single handily paid the down payment for the house we got but my name was not on the house papers because at that time, I had no credit or social security card so we bought it in his name.. when I finally got my papers I asked him to put my name on the house but he refused. Initially I wanted to stay on and leave after the divorce but my life was more important so I left the house with my kids

He eventually sold the house and the Court is making him pay me back my money Also he is paying $1098 for maintenance as well....

22 Dollars for child support?
He pays $355 for child support not $22 dollars, the only reason why his child support is even this small for 2 kids is because he also pays child support on his first child.

He was paying $22 on child support before now because he lied about his finances but he was caught in the lie and the court rectified that. He is just so pained and nothing he says is true,that man is a born liar..his two previous Marriages had Domestic Violence charges on him....When i relocated to join him in the US,I found out everything he told me was one big lie,He is childish,bitter and a born liar.....''

He sold the house i bought and withdrew his 401k life savings that he talked about but guess what?He spent it all night clubbing....''

On celebrating her Divorce,she says...
''Believe me when i say that i went through hell and back.I divorced a real life devil and had every reason to celebrate my freedom from him..words cannot describe how i feel..like a heavy load was lifted off me...''

Credit: SDK Blog

Osahenogae1 (m) at 22-12-2019 10:48PM
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Wonders shall never end!
Doyourworst (m) at 22-12-2019 10:51PM
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Nobody wins in a divorce!. Nobody.  It's a pity.
ficull (m) at 23-12-2019 12:20AM
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At the divorce court, she said it was domestic violence(She even accused him of being a serial wife beater, which, if proven in court, would have gotten him at least 10yrs). For her to loose that case shows that she lied to the court because here in America, they don’t joke with domestic violence issues. Any person that puts his or her hands on another person is going to jail, except the victim refused to press charges or the “victim” lied about the domestic violence. Having lost the damn case, it’s now her ex father in law. Me think that this woman is the liar amongst those two.
ikpotokin (m) at 23-12-2019 03:01AM
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Women of nowadays are all ashawo
nikiniki (f) at 23-12-2019 07:22AM
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Move on....who cares?
crusita (f) at 23-12-2019 08:56AM
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why both don,t move on knowing that there not coming to each other,they should think of the kids with all the shit on the media.
jahlovesme (m) at 23-12-2019 09:53AM
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 Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked Shocked
Baye77 (m) at 23-12-2019 11:20AM
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If only these two know the damage they are doing to their kids..wait till years later when somebody brings back the shit u divulge to hurt your kids..the internet doesn't forget...
When u are separated from someone, you two should be matured enough to respect each other's privacy.