Igbo Women Are Lazy, They Just Want to Sit & Enjoy Their Husband’s Money – Noble Igwe

Published On: July 13, 2020, 3:48 pm
Author: kacy lee
-- Online (f) at 13-07-2020 03:48PM

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Media personality, Noble Igwe has dropped his two cents on Igbo women and the Igbo man in general.

According to the 41-year-old Abia state born blogger, the Igbo women are lazy, they do not like to work and all they want to do is just sit back and enjoy their husband’s hard earned money.

He went further to say that they want to inherit their husband’s property and also inherit from their father’s house as well.

Noble also compared the Igbo woman to the Yoruba woman, according to him, unlike the Igbo woman, a Yoruba woman is hard working, and does not fight for her father’s property.

“The Igbo women are lazy, does not like to work and just want to sit back and enjoy their husband hard earned money.
They want to inherit their husband’s property and then inherit from their father’s house as well but do nothing but answer “Ori Aku””
Noble tweeted.

He continued; “See Yoruba women.
Hard working,building houses and not really trying to fight for father’s house in Ibadan.
When they want to make changes, they do but Igbo women will come and make it seem like someone is holding them down.

The Yoruba woman is a go getter. Breaking boundaries, doing new things every day and she does not even need a law to back her.
Just her belief and living life on her terms.
Guess what? They don’t need anybody’s permission.”

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-- Noah147 (m) at 13-07-2020 03:53PM
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Where is all my Igbo people lol do you all agree with this guy or not ?
-- fineboy77 Online (m) at 13-07-2020 03:55PM
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Can you handle this controversy?

-- Abadiba (m) at 13-07-2020 04:27PM
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He is nt even a true son of Igbo. I hv dug his history one hand. His father ventured in one Tiv woman who gave birth to him suddenly. Noble was nt even brought in Igbo land. He cn never speak for the Igbos he is nt in the right position to  do so
-- Larsson4 (m) at 13-07-2020 05:04PM
(77 | Newbie)

It's not true, you can only speak for yourself
-- SweetDaddy1 (m) at 13-07-2020 06:09PM
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This is a childish statement from a boy who never had a good family upbringing, charity they said begin at home.
-- Henrybobo Online (m) at 13-07-2020 07:07PM
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Total lies... They are d most hardworking for me
-- philnel (m) at 13-07-2020 07:36PM
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When a man speaks, you know his age, this is absolutely nonsense coming from a senseless man who comes from a useless family background. Your history shows how stupidly you were born, so am not surprise that such rubbish is coming from you. Nigerian Women in general are real goal getters.
-- collinsuchendu (m) at 13-07-2020 08:06PM
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Very very very true
-- NaWahooo (f) at 13-07-2020 08:17PM
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 Huh? You're very right.  Examples are :- Okonjo Iweala. Genevieve Nnaji and a widow like Patience Ozokwor ABI  Grin
The word noble doesn't exist in your own Igwe dictionary.
Listen kiddo, you're such a fool.  Stop exposing the fact that you grew up with lazy women.
By the way, are you Arthur Eze's Nephew ?
-- Ogbsweden (m) at 13-07-2020 08:32PM
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Noble Igwe is not a true Igbo man and he is a lazy thinker. I don't know what he does for a living but whatever it is and if it is legitimate, there are hundreds of thousands of Igbo women way ahead of him in his chosen profession. From petty businesses to the biggest profession, there are countless Igbo woman who have made their mark. From history Igbo women were the only group that resisted the imposition of taxation by the British colonial administrators. Somebody should lecture the lazy Noble about the Aba women riot of 1929 when his father was not born. Igbo women are by far way ahead of their counterpart in the whole of Africa. This guy is an attention seeker, one characteristics of a lazy man
-- Abogado (m) at 14-07-2020 12:30AM
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Maybe his wife is lazy
-- vicky987 (m) at 14-07-2020 11:03AM
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I absolutely disagree with his opinion. Igbo women are the most hardworking women in Nigeria. Igbo women hustle alongside their husbands.