Pastor Jimmy Odukoya Begs Female Members to Concentrate as Timini Egbuson Visits Church (Video)

Date: 17-06-2024 5:32 am (4 weeks ago) | Author: kacy lee
- at 17-06-2024 05:32 AM (4 weeks ago)

The viral video capturing this amusing and lively interaction between Pastor Jimmy Odukoya and actor Timini Egbuson has certainly captured the public’s imagination. The scene unfolds with Timini making an entrance in a stunning white native Agbada, a traditional Nigerian outfit that radiates elegance and cultural pride. His presence immediately electrified the atmosphere in the church, drawing enthusiastic reactions from the congregation.

As Timini approached the altar to greet Pastor Jimmy, their warm exchange was a moment of reunion and camaraderie, having been former colleagues. The sight of Timini’s impressive attire prompted Pastor Jimmy to acknowledge and compliment his dashing look, adding to the light-hearted and celebratory mood of the occasion.

Despite the buzz surrounding Timini’s appearance, Pastor Jimmy humorously reminded the female members of his congregation to stay focused on the service, a playful acknowledgment of Timini’s charm and the distraction it could potentially cause. This moment not only highlighted the pastor’s ability to connect with his audience in a relatable and humorous way but also underscored the strong sense of community and shared joy within the church.

Timini’s modest return to his seat, blending back into the congregation, showed his humility and respect for the service, even as his presence remained a memorable highlight for everyone in attendance.

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