MARRIAGE is first designed by God for PURPOSE

Date: 22-03-2012 3:56 pm (9 years ago) | Author: Josiah Omeiza Eniola Gabriel
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MARRIAGE is first designed by God for PURPOSE

Therefore shall a man leave His parents and cleave to his wife;Genesis 2:24,Matthew
19:5,mark 10:7.Two are better than one:Ecclesiastes 4:9.He that finds a wife finds a good
thing and obtain favour from the LORD.Proverbs 18:22.A woman is a help meet for the purpose of a man.So the first step in getting your life partner is to discover PURPOSE.

A man and a woman coming together will increase their speed and strengthen their impact for the fulfillment of their purpose.

Secondly MARRIAGE is designed by God for PROCREATION.

GOD blessed Adam and Eve in the garden and said be FRUITFUL AND MULTIPLY. Genesis 1:28.Children are an
heritage of the LORD.Psalms 127:3. A man and a woman must come together for this to occur and marriage
is the only LEGAL/HOLY ground.

THIRDLY MARRIAGE is designed by God for PLEASURE.

God designed marriage for sex and romance to be honest with you.Sex is a communion in
marriage,it strengthens the love of the couples and eases the tensions and stresses of


Misplacing these priorities is what causes major marital problems. Like the first reason
for marriage is purpose.What is the man and woman coming together to build?Purpose is the
only thing that remains with time.If a marriage is without a purpose it will become
boring after having all the SEX(Pleasures),bearing and raising the children
(procreation).So statistically, PURPOSE is 60 percent,PROCREATION IS 30 percent,WHILE
PLEASURE is 10 percent.

In conclusion PURPOSE,PROCREATION AND PLEASURE are all important if given their special
priorities.Don't marry only for sex,don't marry only for kids but marry for the
fulfillment of your purpose and all the kids and sex will be added to your marriage.GOD

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