Is it wrong to date ur friends ex-girlfriend? What if they are still having affairs

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(m) at 23-04-2012 03:10AM (7 years ago)

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It happened in a polytechnic in delta state between Festus and kingsley,(not their real names pls) 2 room mates who lived happily together until d arrival of kingsley's girlfriend who gained admission d next year. Her guy rented an apartment for her though with her money but she rejected the apartment owing to her personal reasons so she was living with her boyfriend and room mate, but as d day turns into night and night into day d landlord delayed d refunding of d rent so she tarried, d girl became fund of festus but kingsley was angry and never spoke to festus about it, but then they always quarrel and festus being the third party always settles them until she could no longer take it from kingsley her boyfriend and they broke up but still lived 2geda. She had affection for festus and made it known to festus and she was able 2 convince festus 2 herself with cash gifts and anything within her power but it remained secret for over 1 year, latter she moved 2 her own apartment they were still having affairs secretly while kingsley suspected but they both kept it 2 demselves. Festus thought it wise 2 quit as he suspected dat Kingsley and tega were still having affairs but Tega kept denying it and kingsley also threatened his life both physically and spiritually, but tega wants to eat her cake and have it, doesn't want to lose either of them so she confessed to kingsley what has been happening so as to get back at  festus. But festus was out of town while kingsley searched all over d place for him but could not find him, they had exchange of text messages and till date the both of them d worse enemy. Its a true life story.

Beauti4 (f) at 23-04-2012 03:15AM
(8152 | Hero) mean I read this all thing that you posted, not knowing that you already hve a dump question at the bottom. Mitcheeew....story teller.
rolifaith (f) at 23-04-2012 07:42AM
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poster u be ode
Mercies (f) at 23-04-2012 08:39AM
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Hollandear (m) at 23-04-2012 08:41AM
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verah (f) at 23-04-2012 08:45AM
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it ur choice

southpool16 (m) at 23-04-2012 08:51AM
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i need cold water abeg
wilat (f) at 23-04-2012 09:39AM
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Nothing do them joor,make dem do threesome self all join

jossy4reall (m) at 23-04-2012 09:50AM
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send dis to Nollywood................ u will make money 4rm it

sexyBishop (m) at 23-04-2012 10:07AM
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R.I.P wit ur stupid post make i smoke weed
donphilz4real (m) at 23-04-2012 10:15AM
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see, Grin i bad 4 all 0f them and even u the poster. why would u say EX-girlfriend while u say kingsley still go out wit her? and 4 the festus, he`s a nauthy boy. 4 the stupid girl, she`s a distroyer and possessed
aso4life1 (m) at 23-04-2012 10:15AM
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poster u be olodo

donphilz4real (m) at 23-04-2012 10:24AM
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now hear dis. if really an ex- wat ever, there`s notin wrong wit anyone dating he/she ok. if i was d one i will call my frnd to let him know and enquire 4rm him if he still have interest.
Idbabe (f) at 23-04-2012 10:29AM
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Poster ur the one involve, talk tru and shame the devil  Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Treasure2 (f) at 23-04-2012 10:35AM
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Whatever, the woman is at the receiving end.
El-shabab (m) at 23-04-2012 10:53AM
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Mr. poster, u b ewu, shege dan bro uba.
malvin2525 (m) at 23-04-2012 11:42AM
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this is the biggest dumb post ever, is this a movie line or what?
El-magnifico (m) at 23-04-2012 12:23PM
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Na waoooooooooooooooo,am very sure say na the posters personal experience be this one ............. any ways sha ..its a very bad thing to date your friends ex ........
Angelita2 (m) at 23-04-2012 12:46PM
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 Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed
dizhadah (f) at 23-04-2012 01:12PM
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