"Never Drop Your Standards For Any Man" - Keri Hilson Advises Single Ladies

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Recently single Keri Hilson has some advice for all currently single ladies
know the guy that had Keri Hilson making Fufu and all right? Earlier this year, we exclusively reported on Keri Hilson and her baller boyfriend Serge Ibaka calling it quits.

Keri had been keeping quiet about the break up thus far, but she recently opened up to The Jasmine Brand about her Valentine’s Day plans which apparently don’t include a boyfriend.

Check out what she had to say below:

    On whether or not she’s currently single:
    This is going to be an interesting Valentine’s Day. That’s all I’ll say. It’s going to be interesting.

    I’m working, I’m just busy, I’m busy. I feel like right now, music is my boyfriend. That’s how I feel, right now. So, I don’t know.

    On advice for women in relationships
    Know who you are. Umm, never drop your standards, for anyone. That’s it. And I mean that in every since of the relationship. Business, you know whatever, if there’s a certain standard that you uphold, and you’re so strong-minded.

    There are some things that you [can] tweak in a relationship, but not your standard. Not that.

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Ladies ...
elmatado (m) at 13-02-2014 11:12AM
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elmatado (m) at 13-02-2014 11:13AM
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No wahala
bankadetoun (f) at 13-02-2014 11:20AM
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Ok, thanks
emekaeneh (m) at 13-02-2014 11:41AM
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For the ladies
Eneh say so via nokia 3310
gbojac (m) at 13-02-2014 12:11PM
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why ?
beneno (m) at 13-02-2014 12:31PM
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 Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
Chylove247 (f) at 13-02-2014 12:31PM
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4ladies ba
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Very true
zoe61 (f) at 13-02-2014 12:41PM
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so true
hismahill (m) at 13-02-2014 12:54PM
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Yea keep it high we will find it and bring it down..
Regenesis (f) at 13-02-2014 01:23PM
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agree with her 100%. don't compromise for anyone.

her & serge ibaka looked so good together. wanted them to last!

proly (f) at 13-02-2014 01:40PM
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Kkkk tnx nice advice
osarobo62 (m) at 13-02-2014 03:13PM
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good advice for those who have standards.......because some don't. Lips Sealed
dickman2 (m) at 13-02-2014 03:20PM
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Na she sabi
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