Pastor Caught Pants Down With Married Woman Returns To Church

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at 24-02-2014 03:33PM (6 years ago)

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In a video that went viral some weeks back, a married Kenyan pastor was caught in a hotel having sex with the wife of one of his church members.

Pastor Anthony speaking with the press
The pastor, Anthony Maina of the Kenya Assemblies of God Eastern Gate Church has asked for forgiveness from his congregation during Sunday church service.
Pastor Anthony arrived with his wife Beth, and two children said, "I’m here to tell everyone that I made a mistake, and I have sought God’s forgiveness. The incident saved me because I would have committed more sins."
Following the incident, he was suspended by the church indefinitely.
A spokesperson for the church said, "The pastor has committed a crime that goes against the teachings of God, and therefore, he can no longer serve in the church."
However, his wife Beth says she has forgiven him, adding that they have to come together and will move forward as a family.

thomzolar at 24-02-2014 03:45PM (6 years ago)
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Afrogotojail at 24-02-2014 03:52PM (6 years ago)
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osarobo62 at 24-02-2014 04:42PM (6 years ago)
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good riddance.... so he can now open the Maina church of adultery and fornication.. Sad..
DRraze at 24-02-2014 04:54PM (6 years ago)
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gmarley at 24-02-2014 05:15PM (6 years ago)
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emekson at 24-02-2014 05:19PM (6 years ago)
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Gud 1
okilo101 at 24-02-2014 05:21PM (6 years ago)
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Jus 4get abt dat Sunday offering...
okilo101 at 24-02-2014 05:22PM (6 years ago)
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Jus 4get abt dat Sunday offering...
Mikexp at 24-02-2014 05:32PM (6 years ago)
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He's just done the right thing...what else do you expect of him?
osamabinladin at 24-02-2014 05:33PM (6 years ago)
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Alright !
dareper at 24-02-2014 05:39PM (6 years ago)
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I see
cocoeni at 24-02-2014 06:43PM (6 years ago)
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Lord have mercy!
ozobig at 24-02-2014 07:07PM (6 years ago)
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Nigeria pastor can never surrender like this but i thank God he has confess and God has forgiven  him so move on man of God im happy u have good wife

omomalaga1 at 24-02-2014 07:28PM (6 years ago)
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So what about the woman he violated? Her husband might has stone her to death and pastor hi here celibratina re union and blaming devil, i pray he is has truely repented has he said.
winace at 24-02-2014 08:05PM (6 years ago)
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We shld not judge him. He has ask for forgiveness who are we to still say no. Some of us sins are worst than his. Let GOD judge him not us.
Topsylucas at 24-02-2014 08:21PM (6 years ago)
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Yes sme of our sins re worse dan his.He who hath no sin shd throw d 1st stone.Men re naturally he-goats,I blame d useles gullible bitch who was so stupid 2 be deceivd by 1.If ure marrid as a woman,stay marrid or leave d marriage entirely instead of openin ur stinky legs 4 evry man.
DrSoba at 24-02-2014 08:22PM (6 years ago)
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pastor, pastor, pastor, how many times did i call you?
bissau at 24-02-2014 08:24PM (6 years ago)
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Well it good as he confessed
Larry28 at 24-02-2014 08:30PM (6 years ago)
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Since u've seek 4giveness frm God, who am i to judge...
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