Ex-governor Peter Obi in India to visit Prof. Dora Akunyili

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Immediate past Governor of Anambra State, Mr. Peter Obi, is presently in India on a visit to see former Minister of Information and Communications, Prof. Dora Akunyili, who is receiving treatment in the country. Mr. Obi left for India yesterday in company of his media aide, Mr. Valentine Obienyem. The two men confirmed in a message from India that Prof. Akunyili is responding to treatment and that her situation is nothing near the scary picture being painted by rumour mongers.
Prof. Dora Akunyili’s husband, Dr. Chike Akunyili, confirmed to me on phone this morning that Messrs Obi and Obienyem are with them in the hospital. “We are very happy to see them. We are even happier that they have volunteered to spend the entire day with us before returning home to Nigeria,” Dr. Akunyili said. He also expressed appreciation to Nigerians, saying: “We can never thank Nigerians enough; their prayers are working.”
The attached photo shows Ex-Governor Obi discussing with the doctors treating Dora, while her husband watches. Below is an e-mail sent from India this morning by Obienyem to Isaac who is the Media adviser to Prof Akunyili
Brother Isaac, I am sending this mail from the hospital where our beloved Prof. Dora Akunyili is being treated. At the moment, her husband, Dr. Chike Akunyili, Mr. Peter Obi and the team of Doctors treating her are rubbing minds.

“While Doctors at the Indian hospital are explaining what they are doing and how tremendously she has improved" Dr. Chike Akunyili thanked them for their commitment to duty. He also expressed gratitude to Nigerians for the outpouring of love showered on his wife. Mr. Obi emphasised the need for Indians to come and set up facilities in Nigeria and for Nigerian Doctors to also show commitment to expanding the health facilities in Nigeria through strategic investment. Though the Doctors said they come to the country now and then, they agreed on the need to consider what Obi said seriously. They promised to keep communications open.

“Obi thanked God for the tremendous improvement of Prof. Akunyili and said the reality he saw was the direct opposite of the grim picture some people painted about her condition. He prayed to God to grant her total healing.

“In Nigeria, it is common for Nigerians to express secret and sometimes open excitement whenever any highly placed Nigerian suffer. They see it as delayed punishment for the iniquities they foisted on the nation. Prof. Dora Akunyili is different. Since the news of her sickness was broken, the entire nation has been crying and praying for her to be healed. Even on social networks, you see people’s writings dripping with tears for a woman who showed the nation what service in the truest sense of the word means.

“Nigerians as a people suffer from forgetfulness that is inexplicable. We forget people’s deeds so easily. Again, Dora is different. The pervasiveness of her good work ensured that it is etched permanently in the psyches of our people. Who in Nigeria today has forgotten the trauma – attacks upon attacks – that Dora was faced with simply for doing what was best for Nigeria and humanity?
“I understand that since being in the hospital, Nigerians in India have turned the hospital into a Mecca of sort. Daily they visit to pray for her recovery. I understand that the Nigerian Ambassador to India came calling yesterday.

“Meanwhile, Mr. Obi and the team of Doctors are discussing many subjects. Having finished with health, the secret of the development of the health institution and the part the Government is playing, he is busy asking them the secret of the development of Karnataka, the State in India, where Bangalore city/town is located. He wants to know the secret behind the development in infrastructure, education, social services, among others as to compare note with what are witnessed in Nigeria.”

proly (f) at 27-05-2014 03:34PM
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nice one
osamabinladin (m) at 27-05-2014 03:40PM
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Get well soon !
angesco (f) at 27-05-2014 03:48PM
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Madam get well soon.

And I hope when the ex governor and his aides learn the  " secret behind the development in infrastructure, education, social services..." they use what they have been taught to help Nigeria grow!
orjiwolo (m) at 27-05-2014 03:51PM
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good one
ngfineface (f) at 27-05-2014 03:54PM
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Thank God for her improvement. God will favor her in this case, amen
okoroj (m) at 27-05-2014 04:23PM
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very good .am happy i got the good news i ve been expecting
christianity (m) at 27-05-2014 04:33PM
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he did well
schmit (f) at 27-05-2014 04:43PM
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Am tired with some news that are posted on dis site, read yesterday, DAT she is in America, now India, pls get our facts before posting news.
Wish her quick recovery.
graceoneday (m) at 27-05-2014 05:14PM
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Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet. May the Lord heal you dear Dora, in Jesus name i pray, Amen
Brunomir26 (m) at 27-05-2014 05:28PM
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All the money they stole and embezzled can't save her asss now..What a shock!
beneno (m) at 27-05-2014 05:51PM
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few days ago una say ni US she dey recieve treatment,today una say ni for Indian  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes  Roll Eyes
paulohking (m) at 27-05-2014 06:53PM
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she's healed IJN
akinmanchy (m) at 27-05-2014 07:15PM
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That's nice

oloche1984 (m) at 27-05-2014 07:18PM
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may God grant her quick healing so that she could return to the country fully recovered and let her haters be completely put to shame. It is well with you Dr. Dora
xjiggy (m) at 27-05-2014 09:33PM
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I pray GOD give her quick recovery and good health thereafter. I hope all dis yao yao politicians no go turn her illness to political Jamboree
cocoeni (f) at 27-05-2014 10:49PM
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It is well with her...IJN Amen.
Larry28 (f) at 27-05-2014 11:09PM
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Get well soon madam
EVERYBODY (m) at 28-05-2014 01:09AM
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chidi4reala (m) at 28-05-2014 07:15AM
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I pray u get well
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