Where is Nigerian Military? Boko Haram is Installing New Emirs

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I thought the government told us that Nigerian soldiers have dislodged Boko Haram members from the towns they are occupying? From  gathered, they ar still around in many towns.

In fact, Boko Haram has reportedly installed Emirs in Gwoza and Dambua towns in Borno State, the two towns that fell to the Islamist sect since two weeks ago. For over two weeks, they are still in charge?

This revelation was made by Senator Ali Ndume on the floor of the Senate when they resumed on Tuesday. Senator Ndume, who represents southern Borno, told lawmakers that Boko Haram has literally sacked two Emirs and installed their own preferred candidate in our country.
His words: “I represent southern Borno and Gwoza. The challenges we are facing are more serious than what we have faced before. We, the people of southern Borno, particularly Gwoza, parts of Adamawa and Yobe know that it’s presently occupied!
“I read here on the Senate Order Paper about a threat. It’s no longer a threat; somebody is occupying that place and he’s declared it a caliphate!
“Yesterday, a new Emir was installed by Boko Haram in Dambua. The original Emir is taking refuge in Abuja. Boko Haram installed a new Emir in Gwoza…Recently, we conceded the extension of state of emergency and it was because it could get out of hand. Can it get out of hand more than what is happening now?” the Senate asked.

Chairman of the Senate Committee on Investment, Nenadi Usman, pleaded with the chamber to “look at the issue holistically because there are internally displaced persons in my constituency too."

Consequently, the Senate has urged President Goodluck Jonathan to declare total war on the insurgents and advised him to mobilise all resources and efforts to that effect.

The resolution for the declaration of total war came through a motion moved by Senate Leader Victor Ndoma-Egba (SAN) and 107 senators tagged: “Threat to national sovereignty and territorial integrity of Nigeria by insurgents.”

They resolved that the Boko Haram challenge had risen beyond mere insurgency to a full-scale war against the Nigerian state. The lawmakers declared that only a declaration of total war by the President will offer a sustainable solution to the menace of the sect.

Ruling on the motion, Senate President David Mark, insisted that Nigeria must move beyond bandying words with Boko Haram and declare total war now.

“When Boko Haram moved from kidnapping, killing of people and destruction of property to occupation of parts of Nigerian territory, it has declared a total war on Nigeria. There is no difference between what Boko Haram is doing against Nigeria and what an enemy country waging war in Nigeria would have done.

“The issue is beyond that of mere internal security. It is about how we execute the war. If Boko Haram has captured most of the parts of the country we represent and has created a caliphate, it means that some of the senators from those areas can no longer be in this chamber. This is why we must pay urgent attention to the matter,” he said.


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Army no b blood and flesh dem ma get