Wow! Igbos Voted Based On Their Stomach - Wole Soyinka (Page 4)

Date: 05-05-2015 8:00 pm (8 years ago) | Author: Daniel Bosai
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- mabou at 6-05-2015 03:32 PM (8 years ago)
In a country of over 170 million how can the choice of one man be that of all in a political election? Oh, I guess Wole means enter, definitely something fallacious has crop into a man's brain who has refuse to visit the salon for over 50 years.
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- mathiasobi at 6-05-2015 03:49 PM (8 years ago)
The truth will come out.

Practically every crisis in Nigeria since independence has its roots from Yorubas ----Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

The Yoruba elite were the first, in 1962, to attempt a violent overthrow of an elected government in this country---Sanusi Lamido Sanusi

When Buhari jailed UPN governors like Ige and Onabanjo, the South-Western press castigated that good government and provided the right mood for IBB to take over power. As soon as IBB cleared UPN governors of charges against them in a politically motivated retrial, he became the darling of the South-West. When IBB annulled the primaries in which Adamu Ciroma and Shehu Yar Adua emerged as presidential candidates in the NRC and SDP, he was hailed by the South-West. When the same man annulled the June 12, 1993 elections in which Abiola was the front-runner, the South-West now became defenders of democracy.

When it seemed Sani Abacha was sympathetic to Abiola, the South-West supported his take-over. He was in fact invited by a prominent NADECO member to take over in a published letter shortly before the event. Even though Abiola had won the elections in the North, the North was blamed for its annulment. When Abdulsalam Abubakar started his transition, the Yoruba political leadership through NADECO presented a memorandum on a Government of National Unity that showed complete disrespect for the intelligence and liberties of other Nigerians.

Subsequently, they formed a tribal party which failed to meet minimum requirements for registration, but was registered all the same to avoid the violence that was bound to follow non-registration, given the area-boy mentality of South-West politicians. Having rejected an Obasanjo candidacy and challenged the election as a fraud in court, we now find a leading member of the AD in the government, a daughter of an Afenifere leader as Minister of State, and Awolowo´s daughter as Ambassador, all appointed by a man who won the election through fraud.

Meanwhile, nothing has been negotiated for the children of Abiola, the focus of Yoruba political activity. In return for these favours, the AD solidly voted for Evan Enwerem as Senate President. This is a man who participated in the two-million- man March for Abacha´s self-succession. He also is reputed to have hosted a meeting of governors during IBB´s transition, demanding that June 12 elections should never be de-annulled and threatening that the East would go to war if this was done. When Ibrahim Salisu Buhari was accused of swearing to a false affidavit, the Yoruba political elite correctly took up the gauntlet for his resignation.

When an AD governor, Bola Tinubu, swears to a false affidavit that he attended an Ivy League University which he did not attend, we hear excuses.

For so many years, the Yoruba have inundated this country with stories of being marginalised and of a civil service dominated by northerners through quota system. The Federal Character Commission has recently released a report which shows that the South-West accounts for 27.8% of civil servants in the range GL08 to GL14 and a full 29.5% of GL 15 and above. One zone out of six zones controls a full 30% of the civil service leaving the other five zones to share the remaining 70%. We find the same story in the economy, in academia, in parastatals.

Yet in spite of being so dominant, the Yoruba complained and complained of marginalization. Of recent, in recognition of the trauma which hit the South-West after June 12, the rest of the country forced everyone out of the race to ensure that a South-Westerner emerged, often against the best advice of political activists.

Instead of leading a path of reconciliation and strong appreciation, the Yoruba have embarked on short-sighted triumphalism, threatening other "nationalities" that they ( who after all lost the election) will protect Obasanjo ( who was forced on them). No less a person than Bola Ige has made such utterances.

To further show that they were in charge, they led a cult into the Hausa area of Sagamu, murdered a Hausa woman and nothing happened. In the violence that followed, they killed several Hausa residents, with Yoruba leaders like Segun Osoba, reminding Nigerians of the need to respect the culture of their host communities. This would have continued were it not for the people of Kano who showed that they could also create their own Oro who would only be appeased through the shedding of innocent Yoruba blood.
I say all this, to support Balarabe Musa´s statement, that the greatest problem to nation-building in Nigeria are the Yoruba Bourgeoisie. I say this also to underscore my point that until they change this attitude, no conference can solve the problems of Nigeria. We cannot move forward if the leadership of one of the largest ethnic groups continues to operate, not like statesmen, but like common area boys.
iii.The Igbo Factor and the Reasonable Limits of Retribution.

The Igbo people of Nigeria have made a mark in the history of this nation. They led the first successful military coup which eliminated the Military and Political leaders of other regions while letting off Igbo leaders. Nwafor Orizu, then Senate President, in consultation with President Azikiwe, subverted the constitution and handed over power to Aguiyi-Ironsi. Subsequent developments, including attempts at humiliating other peoples, led to the counter-coup and later the civil war. The Igbos themselves must acknowledge that they have a large part of the blame for shattering the unity of this country.
Having said that, this nation must realise that Igbos have more than paid for their foolishness. They have been defeated in war, rendered paupers by monetary policy fiat, their properties declared abandoned and confiscated, kept out of strategic public sector appointments and deprived of public services. The rest of the country forced them to remain in Nigeria and has continued to deny them equity.
The Northern Bourgeoisie and the Yoruba Bourgeoisie have conspired to keep the Igbo out of the scheme of things. In the recent transition when the Igbo solidly supported the PDP in the hope of an Ekwueme presidency, the North and South-West treated this as a Biafra agenda. Every rule set for the primaries, every gentleman´s agreement was set aside to ensure that Obasanjo, not Ekwueme emerged as the candidate. Things went as far as getting the Federal Government to hurriedly gazette a pardon. Now, with this government, the marginalistion of the Igbo is more complete than ever before. The Igbos have taken all these quietly because, they reason, they brought it upon themselves. But the nation is sitting on a time-bomb.
After the First World War, the victors treated Germany with the same contempt Nigeria is treating Igbos. Two decades later, there was a Second World War, far costlier than the first. Germany was again defeated, but this time, they won a more honourable peace. Our present political leaders have no sense of History. There is a new Igbo man, who was not born in 1966 and neither knows nor cares about Nzeogwu and Ojukwu. There are Igbo men on the street who were never Biafrans. They were born Nigerians, are Nigerians, but suffer because of actions of earlier generations. They will soon decide that it is better to fight their own war, and may be find an honourable peace, than to remain in this contemptible state in perpetuity.

The Northern Bourgeoisie and the Yoruba Bourgeoisie have exacted their pound of flesh from the Igbos. For one Sardauna, one Tafawa Balewa, one Akintola and one Okotie-Eboh, hundreds of thousands have died and suffered.

If this issue is not addressed immediately, no conference will solve Nigeria´s problems. By Sanusi Lamido Sanusi.

Being Excerpts from A Paper Presented At The “National Conference On The 1999 Constitution” Jointly Organised By The Network For Justice And The Vision Trust Foundation, At The Arewa House, Kaduna From 11th –12th September, 1999.
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- mathiasobi at 6-05-2015 04:04 PM (8 years ago)
There is a new Igbo man, who was not born in 1966 and neither knows nor cares about Nzeogwu and Ojukwu. There are Igbo men on the street who were never Biafrans. They were born Nigerians, are Nigerians, but suffer because of actions of earlier generations. They will soon decide that it is better to fight their own war, and may be find an honourable peace, than to remain in this contemptible state in perpetuity.
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- Mobbysmartins at 6-05-2015 04:33 PM (8 years ago)
Quote from: eric2000 on  6-05-2015 03:12 PM
wole Soyinka is always on point..the ibos are the only tribe that has been wanting to break out of Nigeria for a long time..I use to think that the thought process of the younger ibos were different.Recents event has proved me wrong.No old Yoruba man will stand up and take any form of tribal decision on behalf of the Yoruba tribe unlike what the ibos do..He will be laughed at by majority of the yorubas..My hope is that with the younger generations of ibos will break away from the bondage of these old biafran obsessed generation and embrace  the country Nigeria.

Buffoon first of all we are not Ibos,we are Igbos.Secondly your rogue wole soyinka is not always on point.It was your own wole soyinka that bombed the ibadan radio station in 1966 in support of Biafra,but when the war really started,he was quick enough to switch sides to the Nigerian side,typical of a yoruba man,when the Nigerian side wanted to conscript him as a Soldier,he was quick enough to disguise himself and run away slipping through the Nigeria and Benin Republic border,now his professorship is honorary and not academic (that is if you know the difference),please read your history,this man was always on Babangida's neck until he was compensated with ROAD SAFETY COMMISSION,immediately after that the Babangida that was a devil suddenly became an angel for this man,please read your history again,very typical of yoruba people.I can very well remember Tai Solarin who first got prominence by fighting against ALCOHOL prohibition in Nigeria (I said ALCOHOL PROHIBITION),that was the stint of Tai Solarin to National recognition(he wanted us to be drinking alcohol),please read your history once more,later he took on Babangida and made so much noise like the normal yoruba man,Babangida gave him PROGRESS BANK to manage,he embezzled millions and millions of Naira and that was the last we heard of him till he died,typical of a yoruba man

Wole Soyinka,AHOI,I am an IGBO MAN and I cannot have you insult me and my people without provocation,I am renouncing my membership...I can never be a PC again when the founder of PC is apparently mad,I am saying this because since you uttered your nonsense I have not seen any prominent yoruba man that have disagreed with your stupid utterances,considering what the oba of Lagos said a few months ago,the summation of all these is that there is a calculated plot by the yorubas to discredit and malign the IGBOS to the point of genocide as was witnessed in Rwanda in 1994,the yorubas are bent on re-scripting the actions of the Hutus of Rwanda on the Tutsis of Rwanda in 1994,but this time on the IGBOS of Nigeria,I do call upon all IGBO men both in Nigeria and in diaspora to be prepared for the impending attack on the IGBOS of Nigeria,their obasanjo sounded the horn first,oba of Lagos said it out in words,wole soyinka reiterated it,they are all prominent yoruba men,please protect yourselves my people,The AGGRESSOR IS NOT ALWAYS THE WINNER OF THE FIGHT. KEEP THAT IN MIND MY YORUBA BROTHERS.
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- Instead11 at 6-05-2015 05:31 PM (8 years ago)
Quote from: Activated on  5-05-2015 09:57 PM

No that is not true Wole Soyinka did not sad that.
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- Instead11 at 6-05-2015 05:39 PM (8 years ago)
Professor Wole Soyinka never said anything like that it just people whom trying to tarnish this man name who wrote it and believe me the truth shall come out one day.
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- adewoye1 at 6-05-2015 09:18 PM (8 years ago)
Quote from: obi on  6-05-2015 04:04 PM
There is a new Igbo man, who was not born in 1966 and neither knows nor cares about Nzeogwu and Ojukwu. There are Igbo men on the street who were never Biafrans. They were born Nigerians, are Nigerians, but suffer because of actions of earlier generations. They will soon decide that it is better to fight their own war, and may be find an honourable peace, than to remain in this contemptible state in perpetuity.

I can see where you are coming from. It is like visiting the sins of their forefathers on their children. This curious situation is not helped by those same ibos who go around referring to Ibos as Biafrans. Majority of Nigerians ponder the irreconcilable contradiction of electing a Biafran as a Nigerian President? You are either a Biafran or a Nigerian - there is no two ways about this. Perpetually toying with the damaging pipe dream of a Biafran Country means that ibos are excluding themselves from being elected president of Nigeria
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- spekay at 8-05-2015 09:58 AM (8 years ago)
I tender my apologies and also my resignation

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- elchymo at 19-08-2015 09:35 AM (8 years ago)
Useless talk soyinka
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