Hmmm! This 30 Years Old Man Is Claiming To Be 17 Years Old In Canada (Photos)

4 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
(m) at 22-04-2016 08:43AM (4 years ago)

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Jonathan Nicola is on a basketball scholarship in Canada and he is claiming to be 17 years old, problem is alot of people are not believing him now, even the Canadian boarder and immigration guard are now doubting his real age and have arrested him on suspicion of violating the immigration laws in Canada, I know this dude looks older than 17 and all, but alot of young people look old and vice versa, so I hope due diligence and concrete evidence can be found before accusing this fellow wrongly!

Passion8Soul (f) at 22-04-2016 08:51AM
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Lol;his cup of garri
morgrawl231 (m) at 22-04-2016 09:09AM
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Hahahah,,,Africana age indeed,,,infact na 16 years e be,,,
silvel (m) at 22-04-2016 09:30AM
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make una live the age like dat abi na una born am(aduro age).
Sparky12 (m) at 22-04-2016 09:36AM
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U go fear naa... lyf goes on
gogoman (m) at 22-04-2016 09:58AM
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na truth him dey talk na
toshibaelect (m) at 22-04-2016 10:08AM
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My friend 16 abi 61 years?Huh?!  Be Careful.. Very Careful.. Very Careful.. Very Very Careful.. Extremely CAREFULLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL
dickieponga (m) at 22-04-2016 10:34AM
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African man no dey old....E remind me of dat guy wey dey play ball for Italy hahahahahaha...
Man got to lie to survive na...
Mandrake007 (m) at 22-04-2016 11:28AM
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ahaha na norms for naija fake age is rampant in football and sports we even coined a phrase for it "football age" lol that guy is nowhere 17 look at Nigeria u17 na loool naija make una stop am abeg
cocoeni (f) at 22-04-2016 12:14PM
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aduro age
christianity (m) at 22-04-2016 12:24PM
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 Shocked Shocked :oaduro things,after escaping from the zoo,he would not want to go back there to become a meal for the lion. Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Mikexp (m) at 22-04-2016 01:00PM
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poster are you saying he's not 71?
Harrybeatzz (m) at 22-04-2016 01:24PM
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Yoruba man in Canada
horizontal (f) at 22-04-2016 02:57PM
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AmazingMarie (f) at 22-04-2016 06:00PM
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a man can be reborn at anytime and so can acquire a new age, it depend on what he wants.let him be jare
zezprincess (f) at 22-04-2016 06:04PM
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Lol,old papa youngy,make una leave am,na sports age be that one or abi una wan try???
CHRISETTE (f) at 22-04-2016 07:40PM
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Lmao! wahala! This guy dark sha
nametalkam (m) at 22-04-2016 11:31PM
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Quote from: Michael on 22-04-2016 01:00PM
poster are you saying he's not 71?

Certainly a young man, but lets give him a chance, saying is 31 and bashing him is not good!

kison (m) at 23-04-2016 02:35PM
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horizontal (f) at 23-04-2016 06:33PM
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They must releasing him .i know Sudanese i school with them .is really 17 yrs old