Are You Truly Intelligent? Here Are A Lists Of Facts To Know If You Are Or Not

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What exactly does it mean to be intelligent? Quite a number of ways have been proposed for assessing intelligence, like the Intelligent Quotient IQ theory aka IQ, while another school of thought uses measures like intuition, job and academic success. In spite of the range of opinions available, comprehensive research shows that intelligence is hardly a fixed trait. Here is a list of traits that indicate true, undisputed intelligence, rather than bravado or self-confidence.
Being a voracious reader
 People who read a lot tend to have information that translates to knowledge in different areas of interest, and so when they make an assertion, they are more likely to be speaking from a standpoint of knowledge that can be referenced. People who doesn’t cite their sources, but insist upon an opinion regardless of evidence, are very likely exaggerating their expertise. The best way to confirm this is to casually ask what they like to do in their spare time. Research has proved that reading increases memory function, communication skills, and focus, apart from being a good way to gain knowledge about history or experiences that are different from your own.
Being Able to See Both Sides of an Issue
 Anyone who can convincingly and articulately argue every side of an argument is really intelligent. Emotional Intelligence 2.0 author Travis Bradberry shows the problems with assumptions; a person who is well informed and thoughtful is very likely not pretending to be smart to succeed. If they are extremely passionate and knowledgeable about a topic from their own point of view, but have not evaluated every side of an issue, they neither understand it, nor know how to effectively respond to it.
Being Able To Learn From Your Mistakes
 People who are smart accept their failures and use them as lessons for building future success. A recent study of decision making skills reports that important feedback from past mistakes leads to better performance the next time. This means that as frustrating as setbacks and mistakes can be, very smart people see them as opportunities to grow.
Having Few Friends
 Intelligent people have fewer friends than other people, reason being the smarter you are, the more selective you are in choosing your friends, not to mention the fact that prefer being on your own.

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