Nigerian Lady Shares Secret To Her Huge Hips "Swallowing Undiluted Sperm Everyday Expands My Hips"

(m) at 20-07-2017 10:03AM (2 years ago)

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A pretty Nigerian woman has revealed the secret 'ingredient' she has been swallowing which reportedly made her hips get bigger. The woman with Twitter handle, @_Adaolysa and based in Abuja revealed that she swallows “undiluted” sperm everyday which helps make her hips bigger. Although, the claim has not been proved, the girl insists that is what has left her hips bigger.
 The confession has attracted buzz and comments on social media.
"Swallowing undiluted pure sperm everyday my hips will definitely over expand." she wrote.

Maybe she's just looking for cheap fame.

tegonwa (m) at 20-07-2017 10:08AM
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Carnibal.What Else?She Is A Carnivorous Animal.End Time Girls!Only God Knows How Many Drums Of Sperms And Destinies She Has Swallowed.Too Hopeless.Carnivorously Hopeless!
SOGaiya (m) at 20-07-2017 10:11AM
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Retarded chromosomes
ruthie (f) at 20-07-2017 10:31AM
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 Grin Grin Grin Grin useless today
christianity (m) at 20-07-2017 10:32AM
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udiluted indeed
don247 (m) at 20-07-2017 10:56AM
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unlimited 2017 bitch....
EL-Nath (m) at 20-07-2017 11:29AM
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Animalistic in human form
crocatum (m) at 20-07-2017 11:34AM
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some things are meant to be unsaid.
willyking (m) at 20-07-2017 11:40AM
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Winch baby eater thunder fire u...
WhaleDog (m) at 20-07-2017 12:37PM
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Satanic pikin

Afriqueenn (f) at 20-07-2017 01:58PM
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Adaolysa the Yoruba-bini girl.
Na only THAT tribe eeefry time
ficull (m) at 20-07-2017 02:41PM
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Where's the hip?
CHRISETTE (f) at 20-07-2017 04:22PM
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Very stupid idiot
mjyabah2 (m) at 21-07-2017 02:14AM
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Well, she needs to open a factory where she could harvest all her byproduct for butt enlargement. Cheap fame!! Just because u drink the juice everyday doesn't mean u are the only person doing it. More grease to your elbows, drink on and if men are not producing enough, look for dogs and elephants to feeds u with some more.