I Am A Pant Wetter, I'm Totally Addicted To Peeing In My Pants – Nigerian Lady Shares Her Addiction

Published 2 years ago by: Mister Jay Wonder
at 02:05 PM, 11/11/2017 (2 years ago)

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A Facebook user shared some weird behaviors that she exhibits. According to her, she’s addicted to peeing deliberately in her pant.

Read what she wrote below…

I am a pant wetter, and totally addicted to peeing in my pants and have been all my life. Sometimes, I think I am the only one in the world who loves pee this much. I pee in my pants everyday and all day long and I do it intentionally, kai. I do not have any physical or medical problem that makes me loose control or leak, I do it on purpose, as it makes me feel so good. In fact, I do not like to be dry very long at all or I’m always wanting to wet my pants soon.

However, I can be dry when needed (there are those times you need to be dry) but when I do wet my pants, it’s usually when am home alone (hehe)…

After years of intentionally wetting my pants, I have gotten very good at being wet and no one knowing it. I have no problem hiding it from my family and public. Again, I don’t really know what it is (I have given up trying to figure it out) but I just love peeing on myself and being nice and damp all the time. It feels so good and it’s so sensual and arousing, it turns me on, Kai.
Even as a kid, I had these feelings. Sounds weird doesn’t It? Yea, I am strange like that. Have you ever heard this from anyone else?
It’s so exciting and fun, but you would never know, until you try it.
Pee in your pant today, ighotago?


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DrSoba at 02:30 PM, 11/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(5068 | Gistmaniac) (m)

Who will pee with you? Abeg pee alone. On your own.
Champagne1 at 03:34 PM, 11/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(34 | Newbie) (m)

Girl. Your condition is not a thing to joke about. Though, I do not know how old you are now, but i must suggest you should start looking for the black hen now that the day is yet not dark, because if you neglect to do something fast about it now, you will regret it when the time comes for you to get married: because no man born of a woman will tolerate to get married to a woman with such an embarrassing occurrences. If you ask me, I will tell that that happening to you is not ordinary, its a curse. There's an evil hand in it.  Therefore, you need deliverance through a strong man of GOD.  Besides, I have seen a case like that on television or video C D where GOD cured a white girl through the prophet T.B. Joshua. Go! Fast! and talk to your parents for an appointment to see T.B. Joshua for counselling and deliverance. And stop acting ignorant.
benosky4 at 04:08 PM, 11/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(4890 | Gistmaniac) (m)

her account is hacked or she's insane.

gogoman at 04:09 PM, 11/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(31816 | Addicted Hero) (m)

nametalkam at 04:31 PM, 11/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(17442 | Hero) (m)

Quote from: benosky4 on 04:08 PM, 11/11/2017
her account is hacked or she's insane.

Well that's nothing compared to things you see online these days..... remember there are over 300 million people in Naija. So you will see different type of people like this

ItaloBigBoSs at 04:37 PM, 11/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(145 | Upcoming) (m)

@Chinwetalu Agu,  are you hearing this rubbish???  hey girl, you have brain but its quite obvious your brain is not functioning right...  I think you need a psychiatrist now,  like right now....  Huh, what a crazy world??   Life is all about CALCULATIONS; Therefore always make use of the calculator in your head..... Based-on-Statistics
james987 at 06:12 PM, 11/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(8604 | Hero) (m)

Alright,who stole her phone?
busa04 at 07:35 PM, 11/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(200 | Upcoming) (m)

She is obviously not aware that, a spiritual being  is already at work in her. It is quite abnormal for  someone, be it girl/boy man/woman to wet himself/herself in any manner. Please your case is a serious one. It is good you have shared it. Go for deliverance fast because right now, you are not in charge of yourself!
pricklong at 11:35 AM, 12/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(4171 | Gistmaniac) (m)

men have use there  big bulala to scather her kpomo
Isima1010 at 12:38 PM, 12/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(742 | Upcoming) (m)

No be this stupid tomboy that teaching people how to lick kpomo  Roll Eyes
BournIdentity at 03:35 AM, 13/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(46066 | Addicted Hero) (m)

Roll Eyes                                                                        
kixme at 02:02 PM, 13/11/2017 (2 years ago)
(2186 | Gistmaniac) (m)

 Roll Eyes ::)physically you look peeing idiot, mentally you pee idiotly and right now you are a full blown pee pig ....enjoy you peeing industry...must be stinking


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