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knock knock. Some people are already aware of get paid to read news websites in Nigeria. I'm gonna talk about one of them which is blog9ja. You have to register with #1600. Its very legit. You get paid #5 per news you click on. Maximum click of 100 in a day. Which equates #500. Once you make #2000, you are to request withdrawal, you can make #2000 every 4days which equates to #14000 extra cash in a month, without even referring people or sharing their sponsored posts on Facebook. You get paid #1000 for each person you refer. This online income is one of the most profitable among all of them. If you search the internet, you'll see blog9ja reviews and payout credit alert screenshot. But i am a current member and i am going to provide their latest policies, #100 for sharing sponsored post, #5 per news clicked on. #1000 for referrals. The benefit is that you withdraw once your earning reach #2000, unlike others that your earnings have to reach #5000. You can go to their website to register and pay online with #1600, but if you register through a member link, u get paid #100 bonus immediately, this is my referral link if u register directly on the website, u get paid #0. Blog9ja takes care of its members. I will not lie, right now I'm looking for referrals, so please register through my link. Blessed be.