HELP! He Wants To Marry Me But Doesnt Want My 5 Year Old Son - Confused Lady Seeks Advice

8 months ago by: kacy lee
(f) at 23-09-2019 08:36PM (8 months ago)

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We have been dating for almost two years and he has now proposed to marry me.
But he says he doesn't want my 5 year old son to live with us when we get married.

He also doesn't want me to receive child and financial support for the child from the father.

He says the boy should go to his father. .
When he met me, I had broken my relationship with the father of my son because he was unfaithful and made other women pregnant. .
I've brought up my son alone and the boy literally has no relationship with his father. But the father occasionally sends money or clothes to support the boy but he won't take the child.

I love my son and I wish to continue to bring him up as my own. I also don't have my own mother who I probably could have taken the child to.

But he says that the boy makes him uncomfortable as he looks like his father(the father to the boy is well know in Lusaka).

Please advise me. Do I give up this child to my aunties or break the relationship ?

samybrowne (m) at 23-09-2019 08:57PM
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The popularity of the father makes it hard for the new guy. but if i might advise, he should accept the boy .
musleh247 (m) at 23-09-2019 09:21PM
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Please if he doesn’t accept ur child den leave dat relationship one time.
ngfineface (f) at 23-09-2019 09:24PM
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Please break the relationship. He should love you in all totallity and not in bit
fineboy77 (m) at 23-09-2019 09:31PM
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He doesn't love you

SOYEDEY (m) at 23-09-2019 09:42PM
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Quote from: fineboy77 on 23-09-2019 09:31PM
He doesn't love you
pls end the relationship, cos he doesnt love you
SOYEDEY (m) at 23-09-2019 09:46PM
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Quote from: SOYEDEY on 23-09-2019 09:42PM
pls end the relationship, cos he doesnt love you

your son needs you as he grows up, do not leave your son for this guy,he is too young to be left in other peoples care
Amazing04 (f) at 23-09-2019 09:52PM
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The man is jealous of your child! don't give up your child and don't marry  the man.  He is not your husband, .Listen woman! you can do better than that.  Don't allow any man to make you feel less and your child.  Work hard and raise your child, and you will never regret. God be with you and your son. Shalom!
bexy (f) at 24-09-2019 12:57AM
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My dear lady,  I would like to advise you to break up that relationship,  your child is your first joy,  any man who truly love u will also love your child,  else if u enter into that relationship,  trust me he will treat you like an animal without a direction,  and then u will see the real man he is made up and the relationship will still break up. That man never love u. Take it or leave.  
edvan32001 (m) at 24-09-2019 06:36AM
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Break the Relationship  with him ,if he  must love everything about you including your Son .
Haso112 (m) at 24-09-2019 08:00AM
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kazeemolajide (m) at 24-09-2019 12:06PM
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Quote from: SOYEDEY on 24-09-2019 12:05PM
Quote from: fineboy77 on 09:31 PM, 23/09/2019
He doesn't love you

pls end the relationship, cos he doesnt love you
that is not ur man.Evil condemn good thing