"Tacha Is More Relevant To Nigerians Than President Buhari" – Reno Omokri Says

Published 4 months ago by: success Xenab
at 1-10-2019 02:36AM (4 months ago)

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Reno Omokri has compared the relevance of reality star, Tacha with that of President Buhari and he concluded Tacha’s more relevant than Nigeria’s President.

His tweets reads ;

Dear General


You were in UK for 6 months. Nigerians didn’t feel the impact of your absence. Tacha was missing for a day. Nigerians stormed her hotel. They felt her absence. She‘s more relevant than you.

Meanwhile, show host, Ebuka, has said Tacha is back with her family and friends.

His words ;

To the best of my knowledge, she’s been with her friends and family since yesterday, so she’s fine.

kaposky at 1-10-2019 02:46AM (4 months ago)
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maxzy277 at 1-10-2019 03:35AM (4 months ago)
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Will u keep kwayet  Grin
tonyigho at 1-10-2019 04:03AM (4 months ago)
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This man I think you are too mature to be saying some kind of words, what brought tacha  to buhari government for crying out loud?
Boi2Man at 1-10-2019 05:27AM (4 months ago)
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Reno you kolo abi, just say you wan phyuk tacha, instead you dey there dey toast from back. We’re you not with GEJ when a a woman finish  our money @madamOilminister.
Baye77 at 1-10-2019 06:02AM (4 months ago)
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May God cure your crase soon Mr Reno
ficull at 1-10-2019 06:42AM (4 months ago)
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Small pikin talk. Just tell us how she’s more relevant. Abeg, if you no know wetin to talk, just blow whistle.
Deltaboy1 at 1-10-2019 06:54AM (4 months ago)
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Even if am not a fan of buhari..but I hate this itsekiri thief..mouth running his dirty mouth from canada
dleg at 1-10-2019 07:31AM (4 months ago)
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Nothing good come out from political virus infected brain
Dsource at 1-10-2019 07:37AM (4 months ago)
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Who is Tacos?
fineboy77 at 1-10-2019 09:05AM (4 months ago)
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This full grown man with bear bear is belittling himself

richku2 at 1-10-2019 02:33PM (4 months ago)
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Cry me ariver people, Omokiri why insult their dear leader, their president has been good to them can't you see Omokiri, they're enjoying their good  access road with cows,enjoying darkness24/7, his setting up the country to met 21st century goal by creating ruga, you see ruga will take nigeria  to Space help their education system,infact the whole world is miss out by not creating ruga. Mad ppl.