#Covid-19: “We’ve Started Immediate Cash Transfer To Poorest Households” - FG Says

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(m) at 30-03-2020 11:53PM (1 month ago)

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Sadiya Farouk, minister of humanitarian affairs, disaster management and social development, says the ministry has commenced cash transfer to poorest households in the country to cushion effect of the coronavirus pandemic.

The minister said this during a press briefing by the presidential task force on the disease in Abuja, on Monday.

She said the vulnerable group will also be expanded to consider more persons during the infection period. “Because of this COVID-19, the vulnerable groups have to expanded, because we are aware that there are people who live on daily wage, so we are also going to look at those groups of people to see how we can get this food relief intervention to them in this period.” The minister said the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA) has deployed trucks of relief materials to states affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

dopygenius (m) at 31-03-2020 12:09AM
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maizaxx (m) at 31-03-2020 02:49AM
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I'm sorry to say this maam, but I smell a rat.
Please we would like to know what criteria is being used to identify the poorest families?
Please to protect your image and the image of this government you will need to give us that explanation together with how the cash amount came to be.
ttuswale (m) at 31-03-2020 04:00AM
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This people are thief
nabeng21 (m) at 31-03-2020 04:41AM
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how do u determine the poorest households? what is the criteria, what is the amount ? is it per person or per household? hmm! another avenue to chop Grin
KOSHIMANA (m) at 31-03-2020 06:28AM
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Sometimes i ask myself do these people even read it before talking 2 d press.abeg how u take know them?Seriously dis isvd worst motherphyuker regime of govt have seen in my lyf.just full of lies and bulshit
kacylee (f) at 31-03-2020 06:51AM
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deceitful bunch.... does Nigeria have an updated and orderly data base for these poor homes? does the poor homes u are talking about even have account numbers?

Baye77 (m) at 31-03-2020 06:58AM
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May God have mercy on us
crusita (f) at 31-03-2020 07:29AM
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The problem with the system is when yu have brainless idot at the top notthing works but to fill their pocket and their family needs.This lady is out of her mind and hope she wake up on time to know what common are going throught and not talk talk and talk .pls
jahlovesme (m) at 31-03-2020 08:32AM
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who come tell you ay am rich...i never see my own money na
taypetdun (m) at 31-03-2020 08:59AM
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The poorest people do they have bank account? when you talk about poorest  people, they are mostly rural dwellers, how do you identify them? Injecting money into  the economy is through  paying workers and that is why people are asking the government to pay extra cash to workers to argument their suffering. The poorest people minister are the insurgents you people are invariably funding and killing our soldiers unnecessarily. Looting the treasury in the name of sharing to the poor yet, lots of people are poor, who are you deceiving? Political pen robbers, Allah will judge you all.