Stella Damasus Slams Troll For Dragging Advocate For Not Knowing Rain Check

Date: 20-04-2021 6:13 am (3 weeks ago) | Author: Abasiodu Sunday
- at 20-04-2021 06:13 AM (3 weeks ago)

Nollywood actress Stella Damasus has called out some trolls for dragging a musician and Prison Reform Advocate, Lamboginny for not knowing the meaning of rain check.
The actress, in a 14-minute IGTV video she uploaded, hammers on how good of a man Lamboginny is, having left his career as a musician to run up and down for people who are in prisons.

Stella Damasus noted that she usually doesn’t like to respond to trolls as she has become used to them but wouldn’t allow any thing of such on her family members or say brothers. Noting that Lamboginny is her good brother and there are many times he doesn’t know a thing and she has to be the one to help him through, the actress asked trolls to leave him alone.

Lashing out angrily, Stella described the trolls as punks – emotional punks -, asking if their parents knew the meaning of rain checks or if they were taught so in the schools they attended.

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