There Is No Equality In Marriage. Your Husband Is Not Your Friend, He Is Your Lord - Man

Date: 31-01-2023 9:41 am (1 month ago) | Author: Bayo Nelson
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A Nigerian businessman, Darlington Onyelike has told women not to allow things they see on social media "deceive" them into believing that there is equality in marriage.  Onyelike in a Facebook post on Tuesday, January 31, warned married women that their husbands are not their friends but their lord.
"There is no equality in marriage, stop confusing yourself, there are no two heads in a home, just one and that is your husband. Your husband is the head of the family just like God is the head of the church," he stated.
"Your Husband is not your friend, he is your Lord ( 1 Peter 3:6). Majority of those that claimed to have married their friend have divorced. And there is no way your husband can give you 24hours attention, won't he go to work and make money for the family? Does that mean he Will stay with you from morning till night? It's not possible, let's stop deceiving ourselves on social media. Even a jobless man can never give a woman 24hours attention." he added

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- Kidfreshfunmi at 31-01-2023 10:18 AM (1 month ago)
 Grin This Man - you dey look for wahala. You want mek the feminist association get your time, abi?
Seriously though, that's not entirely true. The narrative that "Men are the head", have past been misused a lot by some disreputable men to exploit the woman. And you can't stimulate a woman's attraction if she can't be comfortable to be your friend (to a degree).
So I don't agree - but to each his own, as the kids say.  Smiley
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- fineboy77 at 31-01-2023 10:46 AM (1 month ago)
Well, I am married to my friend, and the friendship, not the love, is what has kept us strong and been driving us through thin and thick, and we are not about to get divorced anytime soon. That said, there can only be equality in marriage any day a woman can invent a car with two steerings and two drivers driving at the same time.

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- kacylee at 31-01-2023 07:41 PM (1 month ago)
egocentric mumu

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