Tinubu's Victory Will Of God; Nothing Will Stop May 29 Inauguration Says Prophet Iginla

Date: 21-05-2023 4:18 pm (1 week ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
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General Overseer of the Champions Royal Assembly, Prophet Joshua Iginla has shed more light on his 2023 prophecies about the victory of Bola Tinubu.

Iginla, whose predictions since 2021 about Tinubu came to pass, in an interview today, noted that he was not moved by the opposite prophecies from the fathers of the faith.

According to him, because of his firm belief in what God told him since 2020, he has to declare the mind of God despite the fact that his personal candidate was Peter Obi.

He also shed more light on his relationship with Tinubu and his view on the ongoing presidential tribunal.

When asked if he has seen Tinubu one-on-one, Iginla said: “I have never met him before, I have never seen him before. I tried to distance myself from politicians. When it comes to the issue of what God spoke to me, I stand my ground. If you have been following my track record from nation to nation like Zambia, Kenya amongst others global prophecies, when God speaks to me, I stick to it. When it comes to the issue of the prophetic and having an understanding of it, I know that’s one thing God has blessed me with. My encounters are very unique. One of the things that has kept me in the faith is because of my encounter with Jesus. I have seen him. The Lord Jesus appeared to me and I know when God is speaking. There is no perfect election anywhere. The politicians, what they think about the 2023 elections in Nigeria, that’s their own business. They should go to court and whatever the outcomes, they should abide by it. The unity of Nigeria is not negotiable. No man can disrupt the unity of this country due to personal ambition.

“Of the truth, I have declared the mind of God. And personally, I believe Tinubu will do well. He has the ability to assemble a team of good technocrats who understand the economy. He is a good team player. That’s my personal opinion now. Also, I have said related to the vision God gave me that there will be persecution, trials, and the rest with people trying to thwart his governance but that won’t stop him.”

Iginla also revealed that if he has a one-on-one opportunity with the president-elect, his greatest advice to him would be that he should unite this country.

Iginla noted that religious tolerance is key.

“He (Tinubu) should show Nigerians that he is not a religious fanatic. He should get good team players who are professionals and can help him interpret his dreams properly. Aside from that, he should fight corruption doggedly. Lastly, he should focus on the economy and wriggle it out of its present state.

“And I like what Obi, Atiku, and others are doing by going to court. For Peter Obi, I can say God loves him. He performed very well being his first attempt. There is a future for him. He should put his house in order while he is busy fighting his legal battles. I believe the Obi movement shook everywhere. And another lesson learned is that Nigeria is not just a Christian community. It should not be religious-based. If you want to become the president of this nation, you should be the president of the Christians, Muslims, and pagans.

“Can you see the American election? Till date, former US President, Donald Trump is yet to congratulate President Joe Biden. By this, Trump might not even contribute to Biden’s government. I have said it before and I will still say it again, it is only a spiritually blinded man that will say Tinubu will not be sworn in on the 29th of May 2023”.

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May God punish you ,you stupid liar,how much tinibu may have paid you to come out to lash out this lies from the pit of hell, ok it is the will of God for a drug baron to steal the peoples mandate,so God is now part of Nigeria corruption, I wish thunder can stike that mouth of yours so others can learn not to use the name of God in vain,foolllll I pity those fools that will still believe these lies from the pit of hell
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