Miss Universe Denies Reports Of Saudi Arabia’s Participation In 2024 Pageant

Date: 03-04-2024 12:14 pm (2 weeks ago) | Author: onuigbo felicia
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Miss Universe Organisation has denied the viral news of Saudi Arabia’s purported participation in the 2024 edition of the pageant.

Saudi model Rumy Alqahtani recently caused a stir on social media with her announcement of her country in the 2024 Miss Universe pageant.

In a statement released Monday on its official Instagram page, the organisation stated that no selection process has been conducted in Saudi Arabia, and any such claims are false and misleading.

“The selection of contestants to represent their respective countries in the Miss Universe competition is a rigorous process that adheres strictly to our policies and guidelines,’’ noted Miss Universe organisers.

Despite the organisation’s denial, Ms Alqahtani, who represented Saudi Arabia in various international events, including Miss Arab Peace, Miss Planet, and Miss Middle East, is yet to react or pull down her Miss Universe participation post.

The 2024 Miss Universe event is set to take place in Mexico this September, featuring over 100 contestants from around the world.

The organisation emphasised that the selection process for contestants is rigorous and aims to ensure fairness and transparency.

“Each country’s selection is carried out by established criteria and regulations, ensuring fairness and transparency in selecting participants,” it said.

While Saudi Arabia is not yet confirmed as a participating country, the Miss Universe Organisation revealed that the kingdom is currently undergoing a “rigorous vetting process” for potential participation.

“Saudi Arabia will not have this opportunity to join our prestigious pageant until this is final and confirmed by our approval committee,”
the statement concluded.

MUO stressed that for the upcoming edition of the Miss Universe contest in Mexico, the pageant will welcome over 100 contestants from various nationalities around the world.

The organisation also reaffirmed its dedication to highlighting diversity and inclusivity on the global stage, celebrating the beauty and talents of women from all walks of life.

Before the disclaimer, the 27-year-old model was set to make her nation’s debut at the Miss Universe 2024 pageant, a shift from its traditionally conservative stance on global pageants.

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