ever wondered having Saudi Arabia and Iran Laws 4 cheating imposed in Nigeria...

9 years ago by: Tibs
-- (f) at 15-06-2011 09:58AM (9 years ago)

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Pretty sure alot wld be dickless and headless..infact handless..................u knw I read so many threads about how a cheater could destroy two families and the impact that it could have on the kids......so I was wondering wat if we implemented Saudi Arabia and Iran Laws in dealing with cheaters?...u knw Death or stoning...maybe chopping off ones dick and maybe hands and tongues...

dyu think cheating wld be reduced?...and will pple think b4 cheating on their spouse??..now how bout girls/guys bent on destroying on marriages..dyu think they'll be willing to take the risk of being stoned or dickless?

honestly...no one is worthy of me losing any part of ma body...jus saying..

-- xena15 (f) at 15-06-2011 10:08AM
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Sounds like a wonderful idea to me!!!
They should add cutting off oranges and grinding balls!

-- thowbee (f) at 15-06-2011 10:10AM
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I can imagine....there'll be no more complains like 'She stole ma hubby'.....
-- 50scent (m) at 15-06-2011 10:10AM
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Cheating will be reduced

but i call it rape of freedom baby

-- chicco77 (f) at 2-09-2012 02:03PM
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