Why are most girls unfaithful? (Page 5)

Date: 24-07-2011 9:30 pm (12 years ago) | Author: Sulaiman Aliyu
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- Sawndei at 1-08-2011 03:51 PM (12 years ago)
well actually, what you call Unfaithfulness they call Smartness and staying in Vogue, so until they begin to see Jumping as Unfaithful then all guys should beeeeeeeeeeeee carefuuuuuuuuuuuuuullllllllll....
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- cyndi3 at 1-08-2011 04:00 PM (12 years ago)
Quote from: jiflexy on 28-07-2011 04:34 AM
well,some girls do that due to greed,while some,if they find out that the guy is not serious with his life,,not making any effort to show her that just a mata of time,things will be fine,u know there are some guys who just sit home and live in dreams of makin a million dollar without any trace,girls dont easily leav guys who makes effort to make it great,,i have seen a girl,who left a rich bf to an average guy,for not having enough time for her and not romantic,girls shal huh Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed Lips Sealed

I don't ve time for a dreamer Cool
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- Sawndei at 1-08-2011 04:09 PM (12 years ago)
Quote from: The-s-man on 24-07-2011 09:30 PM
Hey pals i keep on asking ma self this questions.
1.     When will girls be faithful for once?........... When a new earth begins2.     Why is it that no matter how u try in taking care of a girl, immediately she see's someone better than u, she dumps u for the other 
        guy without remembering wat u have done for her? ........ becos she cant remember the good of yesterday
3.     Why is it that girls are never satisfy with wat u are given them?........ Cos women wants are insatiable
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- danpatrick at 1-08-2011 04:50 PM (12 years ago)
Quote from: katung44 on  1-08-2011 03:27 PM
Women are Materialistic yes. But, forgive me if I say that is only half the story being told here. A woman may be with a man who has all the money in the world to give but still plays around with other men. In that light, how would you explain that? The only explanation is that women are just about as complex as men. They are all born with a mischievous Streak. When Eve ate the Forbidden fruit, people should have considered some basic questions. The garden of Eden is a very big place. that means she was very near the tree with the fruit when she heard the serpent. What was she doing there? Men are mischievous but so are women. that sense of mischief always shows around guys they like after they must have been with another because he could afford their material wants. Emotional needs are, however ,another matter and may not be always met by the Money Provider. So, Hence they start going after other men. They are no Holier than Men are (Apologies to all the Ladies in the house but this is true considering what I have seen). Just like a moth is attracted naked flame despite the danger, Women always are attracted to bad guys based on a 'Savior' complex (They know that he is the Boy that mummy and Daddy warned them about but their attraction still makes them want to 'save' him). Money is largely a secondary issue when one looks closely at any relationship. When the Girl gets the money that she needs she starts noticing all the person's imperfections. Women usually get bored with Nice Guys and when they cannot find a plausible reason to end the relationship they look for openings to start being around other guys (who they see as more interesting due to the fact that the other guy is surrounded by other girls). Largely, Infidelity in women is based more on men they like than money being provided by the ones they are just 'Tolerating'

Nice piece
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- mallorca at 1-08-2011 08:58 PM (12 years ago)
Quote from: whitedove255 on 29-07-2011 01:34 PM
Quote from: hotguy77 on 29-07-2011 12:20 PM
its their nature

its men nature to be unfaithful to dere partner Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
Grin Grin Grin Grin

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- Liliya at 7-12-2011 02:34 PM (12 years ago)
Quote from: humphreyedet on 25-07-2011 01:33 PM
that is why the CHURCH is always there last boss stop AFTER messing up there self..the cry to God forgetting there sins will surely find them Out..when they are ready to settle then they also Jam player to pay back..   BCOS WHAT GOES AROUND MUST SURELY COME AROUND[/i]
sharrap jo...how many women have you digged and dumped....it will come round to u too.... Angry
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- 08060509569 at 7-12-2011 02:48 PM (12 years ago)
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- abati666 at 3-11-2013 10:58 AM (10 years ago)
Posted: at 3-11-2013 10:58 AM (10 years ago) | Gistmaniac
- FlyMamacita at 3-11-2013 07:17 PM (10 years ago)
unfaithfulnes na inside evry race & gender...... So tell me why men too dey cheat like dat
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