The CBN Governor, Mallam Sanusi Lamido Sanusi a curse or a blessing?

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With the advent of Muslim sects like Hausa/Fulani herdsmen, Maitatsine, Kala-Kato sects and Boko-Haram located in Borno State Nigeria. The CBN Governor, Mallam Sanusi and all the officials at all levels of Government should have concentrated in stabilising Nigeria as a united peaceful Country. But rather the CBN Governor has moved a step ahead to fuel and empower the Islamic sects by introducing Islamic Banking system. This empowerment factor (Islamic Bank) will go further to misinform the sects of the importance of their attacks and fights to Islamize Nigeria and make her a Sharia nation. The CBN Governor has warmed his way into the hearts of our senators who gave him applause on appearing before the upper house.
                                  My questions are:
*Was the presumed Banks sanitization geared towards winning the hearts of Nigerians towards the introduction of this Islamic Banking System?
*Since Islamic Banking system is interest free on loans, how then is it profitable to economy and the operating banks?
*It is unarguable that only Muslims will patronise this banking system, will it not create segregation in all levels of Banking system and make the economy less competitive?
*Whose money are they using to operate and market this banking system? Christian tax payer's money or oil money of the entire Nigerians?
*What job impact will the Islamic Banking System create in the hearts of the Nigerian youths?
*Certainly, there will be emergence of Islamic Universities to educate Islamic workers in the Banking system, will this create equal hearts in the education system?
*Don't you think this will create bias among Muslim and Christian business men and women?
*is this geared towards converting some Nigerians to Islam?
My fellow pals, your vews are welcome as we treat this case wisely.

nellygold (f) at 31-07-2011 10:38AM
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Islamic Banking System? A NEW STRATEGY FOR ........., I GUESS?
giftmurphy (f) at 31-07-2011 04:20PM
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Solidstonez (f) at 28-07-2012 10:00PM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

mallorca (m) at 28-07-2012 10:39PM
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a blessing to some,Curse to some

Treasure2 (f) at 30-07-2012 04:18PM
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He is curse