Fifa Rankings : African Champion Nigeria moves up 22 places to 30th

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The new Fifa rankings released have revealed that African Champions Nigeria have moved up 22 places to 30th position in the world in the latest FIFA Rankings for Feb. 2013.

Another big mover Burkina Faso afcon finalist, moved up 37 places - from 92nd in January to 55th in the latest Fifa rankings. Only Mauritania did better by moving up  38 places in the world according to the latest rankings quoted by PANA Thursday.

Cote d'Ivoire, which was beaten by Nigeria in the quarter-final of the 2013 AFCON, remains the topmost team in Africa and Africa's best-ranked team in the world, where it moved from 14th in January to 12th in the latest rankings.

Ghana, which lost to Mali in the third place match at the 2013 AFCON, moved up seven places from 26th to 19th in the world, and from 4th to 2nd in Africa.

For its part, Mali, the bronze medal winner at the 2013 AFCON, maintained its position in Africa and the world, 3rd and 25th respectively.

Complete African Ranking
1 Côte d'Ivoire
2 Ghana
3 Mali
4 Nigeria
5 Algeria
6 Tunisia
7 Zambia
8 Central African Republic
9 Burkina Faso
10 South Africa
11 Sierra Leone
12 Libya
13 Cape Verde Islands
14 Togo
15 Egypt
16 Guinea
17 Morocco
18 Gabon
19 Cameroon
20 Senegal
21 Uganda
22 Congo DR
23 Congo
24 Benin
25 Angola
26 Niger
27 Zimbabwe
28 Sudan
29 Equatorial Guinea
30 Mozambique
31 Malawi
32 Ethiopia
33 Burundi
34 Liberia
35 Namibia
36 Kenya
37 Tanzania
38 Botswana
39 Rwanda
40 São Tomé e Príncipe
41 Chad
42 Gambia
43 Lesotho
44 Mauritania
45 Guinea-Bissau
46 Swaziland
47 Madagascar
48 Mauritius
49 Comoros
50 Eritrea
51 Seychelles
52 South Sudan
53 Somalia
54 Djibouti

In other part of tho world

The UAE moved up in the global football ranking for 2013 and is now rated among the top 100 countries following the landmark victory in the Gulf Cup last month.

The UAE gained 364 points in 2013 as compared to 346 in the previous year.

UAE beat Iraq 2-1 in the Gulf Cup final to clinch the title. It was the second Gulf Cup victory of the UAE; it won for the first time six years back in 2007.

In the Gulf region, Qatar came second with global ranking of 101st by notching 359 points.

Oman jumped three places to be ranked 105th in the list, followed by Saudi Arabia at 108th and Kuwait at 110th.

Iran received 543 points, and landed on the 58th overall and 5th spot in the AFC behind Japan, Australia, South Korea and Uzbekistan.

Globally, world champion Spain lead the global ranking with 1,590 points, followed by Germany, Argentina, England, Italy, Colombia, Portugal, Netherlands, Croatia and Russia.

The US dropped four spots to number 32 in the latest FIFA rankings.

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