Naijapals Personality Award 2015 Is Back! Nomination Is Open (Details Inside!) (Page 3)

Published On: January 19, 2015, 7:39 pm
Author: Naijapals Website
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-- lovePope1 (m) at 22-01-2015 05:15PM
(9 | Newbie)

i nominate myself lovepope 
-- AdikpeReturn (m) at 22-01-2015 06:00PM
(437 | Upcoming)

I nominate Stephen153
-- Vkey_Yankee (m) at 22-01-2015 07:29PM
(22 | Newbie)

 Kiss i nominate fertmor....mama the mama Grin
-- 50scent (m) at 23-01-2015 09:57AM
(23929 | Addicted Hero)

Good morning ambassadors #Gistmania na we we  Cool

-- 50scent (m) at 23-01-2015 10:13AM
(23929 | Addicted Hero)

where is my KB, ogbonge woman  Sad Sad Sad

-- divineproject (f) at 23-01-2015 11:34AM
(12699 | Hero)

Go and bring her [email protected]

-- kebella (f) at 23-01-2015 10:13PM
(43519 | Addicted Hero)

Yu dey mind him aproko Grin Angry Angry Angry

-- kebella (f) at 23-01-2015 10:18PM
(43519 | Addicted Hero)

Quote from: Dankan on 20-01-2015 03:00AM
I nominate kebella and Dankan
thnx arobam my personal person. ......where on earth ve yu been? Huh? Though here is no longer fun n lively as it used to be. I nominate 10xx  Kiss Kiss Kiss Undecided Undecided

-- divineproject (f) at 24-01-2015 09:34AM
(12699 | Hero)

We can make it fun depends on [email protected]

-- ajanni (m) at 24-01-2015 12:06PM
(95177 | Grande Master)

I nominates Stephen 153 / nametalkam / rakelley my honey only
-- papadip (m) at 25-01-2015 02:23AM
(7058 | Gistmaniac)

Quote from: aso4life1 on 20-01-2015 02:09AM
Thanks aso4life1 .....for nominating me....
-- papadip (m) at 25-01-2015 02:37AM
(7058 | Gistmaniac)

I would also like to nominate the following:
.….and many more….

Though …..escapedprince, Candare and Dan Fulani are not that active
….as they cannot be bothered with ethnic & religious bashing.
All my nominees are fearless and indomitable.
-- HOPEA23 (f) at 25-01-2015 05:49AM
(22320 | Addicted Hero)

Quote from: shepherdnoble on 22-01-2015 11:27AM
Nametalkam and hope 23
thank u jare Kiss Kiss I nominate sheperdnoble

-- HOPEA23 (f) at 25-01-2015 05:52AM
(22320 | Addicted Hero)

@padadip thank you bro..I nominate padadip
Where some of the people wa come dey comment dey come out from [email protected] also nominate the badest girl..KB

-- Ann2009 (f) at 25-01-2015 08:39AM
(127 | Upcoming)

I nominate myself .....Ann2009
-- prudencia (f) at 26-01-2015 07:14AM
(1 | Newbie)

i nominate myself prudence enwere for the award
-- divineproject (f) at 26-01-2015 11:07AM
(12699 | Hero)

Nominee MUST have at LEAST 200 USEFUL posts.........if you have less pls shift make we see road......... Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes

-- papadip (m) at 26-01-2015 11:35PM
(7058 | Gistmaniac)

Quote from: femjay on 20-01-2015 09:58AM
Hmmmm interesting.......
My nominations are :
(1) Femjay
(2) Papadip
(3) Dareper ( comedian order of Niger )
(4) steveonreal
(5) Abudu
(6). giftmurphy ( relationship and Romance )   
(7) Foxtrot

I will like to nominate my sweeties  Sophiebay and I been long I heard from them .....I missed them so much .....
Zeigbo too also deserved a vote also ....... Bt I don't wat is happening to dat man Huh?   
Thank you Mr. Femjay for nominating me….did nominate you as well.
….also I do admire your contribution to this forum and please keep it up.
But sha ..yu get lots of sweet-babes Oooh…!!!

-- 50scent (m) at 28-01-2015 09:31AM
(23929 | Addicted Hero)

@Kb, my atutupoyoyo, my yoriyori, hope the figure 8 stil intact  Kiss

-- kebella (f) at 28-01-2015 10:57PM
(43519 | Addicted Hero)

Quote from: divineproject on 24-01-2015 09:34AM
We can make it fun depends on [email protected]
My dear water don pass garri ooooo it will take years to bring back our old members  Cry Cry

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