Boko Haram Set To Engage Military In Gwoza, Asks Women, Children To Leave Town

Published On: March 6, 2015, 11:35 pm
Victor A. Ofoma
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Terrorists, suspected to be members of the Boko Haram sect, currently being dislodged from a number of their earlier seized towns by the multinational joint task forces, have regrouped in Gwoza, Borno State where they prepare to confront the troops.

The sect had asked women and children to leave owing to their plan to engage the military in a gun battle, one of the fleeing woman said in an interview with BBC Hausa Wednesday.

“On the day they entered, they told women and children to exit the town because they wanted to confront the military, the women and children went out of the town. Somebody carried us into the bush, but the vigilante stopped us, asking us where we were coming from. We explained to them that we were from Gwoza and narrated to them what happened.

“They (Boko Haram) met the slain old people reciting Holy Qur’an in front of a cleric’s house. They told the cleric that the study in front of that house has come to an end and ordered them to follow them to where they would further their studies eternally.

“Soon after the Asr prayer they tied the aged people and began to pick guns, telling them that ‘you are in our hands today, your end has come.’ They took them to a new abattoir nearby and killed them”, she narrated.

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Liar.... Another APC propaganda!
-- beneno (m) at 7-03-2015 12:01AM
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 Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes Roll Eyes
-- okilo101 (m) at 7-03-2015 12:14AM
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Quote from: thierry1 on  6-03-2015 11:51PM
Liar.... Another APC propaganda!
why nt pay a visit n find out if tis APC propaganda or nt.ode!
-- Mobbysmartins (m) at 7-03-2015 04:01AM
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Wait for the Nigerian Military in Gwoza,this Gwoza will most probably be the end of Boko Haram,please converge in Gwoza and wait for the Nigerian Army,it will eventually turn out like the Battle of Normandy....that is if you know what I mean
-- mathzno (m) at 7-03-2015 04:48AM
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Nigeria Army fear no phyuking bagger pls let Shekau lead this battle becos we want him alive to use his head for pepper soup for the dogs.
-- civictayo4great (m) at 7-03-2015 05:58AM
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Let them come, we've gotten new  equipment 
-- Oyinminijoor (f) at 7-03-2015 07:05AM
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Chimoooo! Where is your face? these homeless tout planning to waste lives again o
-- Ritabrenice (f) at 7-03-2015 09:07AM
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Jesus pls run for ur dear lives, soon they will all be exposed...
-- winace (f) at 7-03-2015 09:38AM
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Oya na. We go kn who is d real military unless u want to tell me Shekau is a formaer military soldier.
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Is that so
-- dareper Online (m) at 7-03-2015 05:46PM
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Can't wait for that day. Oya, bring it on