Shocking Photos Of Woman Who's Heart Was Plucked By Ritualists

Published 3 years ago by: Daniel Bosai
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at 28-02-2016 10:44PM (3 years ago)

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These photos were shared on Facebook a few days ago. The story is that ritualists opened this unfortunate girl's stomach and removed her heart. Can't confirm where exactly this happened and when.

See the full photo here

Mykie010 at 28-02-2016 10:48PM (3 years ago)
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GOD have mercy,but u been don post this news bf.this ritual will never JESUS name
gogoman at 28-02-2016 10:52PM (3 years ago)
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The butcher too bad, he don dey chop malu well well before
kp45 at 28-02-2016 11:13PM (3 years ago)
(10324 | Hero) (m)

God have Mercy
nwaafoigbo at 28-02-2016 11:56PM (3 years ago)
(1041 | Gistmaniac) (m)

god have mercy r.i.p
ujmaria at 29-02-2016 12:15AM (3 years ago)
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People are wicked
kison at 29-02-2016 12:17AM (3 years ago)
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PPL HAVE TO be careful,TO be very very careful, CAREFULLLLLLLL IN NAIJA,,,,,,,,,,,,,,be careful,be very very careful, CAREFULLLLLLLL...........
Machealex at 29-02-2016 12:57AM (3 years ago)
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All for money what else
zezprincess at 29-02-2016 01:27AM (3 years ago)
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So ritualist&their gods all they need so to make money for all those fools be human parts&not animal,person wey God create as He create you,You ritualists&una cohorts must suffer till your tenth generations.Rubbish.
emma4love3 at 29-02-2016 06:03AM (3 years ago)
(15080 | Hero) (m)

mmm this is too bad....the heart of man is wicked....
some body settle down to bucher
human bein and take the heart......
Oyinminijoor at 29-02-2016 06:08AM (3 years ago)
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obaoriekwo at 29-02-2016 06:44AM (3 years ago)
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The perpetrator of this evil has no conscience,  he will  die a slow and painful death.  The government should look into this ritual thing and criminalise such inhuman  act.
slimmygal at 29-02-2016 09:41AM (3 years ago)
(3412 | Gistmaniac) (f)

chai! some people are just been too wicked, cant even swallow my saliva right now.
Haso112 at 29-02-2016 09:43AM (3 years ago)
(6469 | Gistmaniac) Online (m)

Wasn't this posted yesterday? @nametalkam you no dey update abi?
charisVEC at 29-02-2016 09:46AM (3 years ago)
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I see...Aw many tyms we go read dis post na..issokay
AmazingMarie at 29-02-2016 10:13AM (3 years ago)
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Holy Lord have mercy.
evilgenius at 29-02-2016 10:27AM (3 years ago)
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how do we get these people
do we call back bakassi boys ?
dareper at 29-02-2016 10:59AM (3 years ago)
(20573 | Addicted Hero) (m)

Wicked world
Trueyarn at 29-02-2016 01:19PM (3 years ago)
(10116 | Hero) (m)

God have mercy on us,human being wicked die.
Eazyatumeyi at 29-02-2016 11:35PM (3 years ago)
(14115 | Hero) (m)

lord have mercy
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