List Of Characters You Find In Public Transport Buses

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1. Assistant Drivers:
These ones are usually in front seats.
You’ll always hear them yelling at the
driver saying, “Take left! Overtake that
guy!” Or, “Driver no match brake na! Na
him suppose stop for you…”, or even,
“Why you let am pass you? Driver you too
slow oooh!”. The annoying thing is that if
you let them drive the car, they’ll do
worse sef!
2. Assistant conductors:
You find this set poking nosing in the
“conductor’s” issues. You hear them
saying stuffs like, “Conductor u never
give that woman change for front”, or
“Enter na, the bus dey go Ojuelegba….”,
or even “Conductor that man change don
pass oh!”.
3. The Argumentators :
To get them started, just say in a loud
voice, “See as this road be, its all GEJ’s
fault….”. I swear, that bus won’t hear
anything again till u get down. This set
always come with 2 groups; the defenders
and the opposers and they never agree on
anything, be it politics, fuel issues or
football. Wetin fit this set na headphones.
4. The Formers:
This set always act like its their first time
in a public transport. They do funny
stuffs like; clean the chair with a hanky
before sitting, make a face with a
someone sits close to them, wear shades
(plzzzz, in a bus?!) or will even have the
guts to ask you, “pls how do you open the
windows?”………like seriously?
5. The Sleepers Crew:
Once this set finds a sit, they doze off.
They are ready to sleep through the
journey (even when paying their bus
fare) till the bus gets to its final bustop.
This set usually miss their bustop and
over pay the conductors…so if u have
missed yours before, lemme see your
hands up .
6. The observers:
I fall into this group . This set just plug
in earphones and watch quietly as the
characters above do their thing. They
don’t talk….almost invisible, sha just
don’t step on their toes if u know what is
good for you.
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Published at: 07:51 AM, 15/03/2016 (2 years ago)
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\pick pocket\
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oooh yes oh bery correct...
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all the numbers nah