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How to Upload Documents on  -  At this point in time online Job sign up has been the hottest place applying for job. And to make things easy for most applicant, we have been releasing tips that will help for the success of the NPower job application at Npower portal

We have come to found out that another area of challenges is how to Upload Documents on during the process of applying for your job. On this page there are simple rules and guides to upload your certificates and CV.

There are things you should have done before applying, such as;

    Make sure your Computer internet is working well. Good Network to upload files, Certificate or CV. If not there will be a failure while uploading and you might not be able to revers it.
    Scan your files, Certificate or CV (Documents) using scanning machine, and save it on that computer you want to use to apply for N-Power Recruitment. Do not use a mobile phone for any scanning of documents.
    Make sure to have a good working email address or Email account that you can use to receive electronic message from NPower.
    Make sure your mobile phone number is working well and available also.
    During the application, select Only the area you know best. And the area that your documents backup with.

Now you are about to lean how to apply for N-power job recruitment and upload your CV successfully.
How to Upload Documents on Job Application Portal

    At first you know that when you visit the portal on you will have to sign up. It is very important that you supply a valid/working e-mail address because that will be the medium through which you will receive information concerning your application.
    After creating an account, log in with your username/e-mail address and password on
    Select your category of choice – the one you know you are qualified for.
    You need to provide your Bank Verification Number (BVN).
    Now this is time to upload your documents – please listen now. Already remember I have told you before now that you should scan and save your documents on the computer you are applying from. Now click on any of the link to upload, and a box will pop up for you to select file from where you had saved it. Then click ok or upload. Please do not select more than one document while uploading your document. One by one you do it all.

    Please note that you are required to upload a clear passport picture, your recent CV, your NYSC certificate (where applicable).

    Now after you have successfully Sign up N-power job recruitment then you check your e-mail address for your application number

     Rejecting your Passport?

If your passport has been rejected, resize it with Paint application on PC. Open the passport with paint application, click CONTROL+W on your keyboard, you will see option of resize by percentage or pixel, click on pixel, change the number in horizontal to 132, vertical to 170, click ok and save the new size, you are good to go. N*B: If the box is not allowing you to input the number, untick the box that has *maintain aspect ratio*, input the 132 and 170 then save.

How to Upload Documents on

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