Between Fight park, Confession and Forum, which to you is more Interesting?

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As we all know, Naijapals is has many Forums and interesting pages that makes the site thick.
This Poll is to discover which of this pages or Forum is more interesting and more visited by people.

1) THE FIGHT PARK; This is like one of the most interesting place to browse on this site, with people exchanging Ideas and cooking Beef  Grin
. It is actually a debate forum that permits visitors and commentators to leave their ideas and thoughts and also vote for who ever they support. For many pals here, it is the best place to spend your browsing time. With topics ranging from Education, Happenings in Nigeria and the World, Jokes, Adult related topics, to the most interesting of all Religious topics and not to forget the Beef aspect, where people pick on each other just for fun.

2)THE CONFESSION; A forum or page that deals with personal problems and Heart 2 Heart topics(More like Heart 2 Mouth this days  Tongue). The confession has recorded the highest visit of late with close to 5000 comment in the month of March and an average of 30 comment per confession compare to the other Forum. With the recent multi profile syndrome that has been going on, the Confession has recorded a high rate of Beef topics and that has made it more interesting. Although most confessions are not in anyway connected to the word "Confessions", they still record comments and "Yabis" by visitors who share their views in the most strange ways.

3) THE NAIJAPAL FORUM; The base for all discussions, this is like the Market place of NaijaPals with high numbers of visitors and commentators. The Forum is divided into different categories; Metro Life, Religion, Relationship and Romance, Funnyhubs and Joke sections, Jobs and Career, General Discussions and many more.  Of late the Forum has lost its old touch, with New topics that are off standard. The forum is being favored more compare to others, with its Notification being on the first page when login in or even when registering on Niajapals. Most Newbies are easily drawn to it because of the Notifications.

What would you Vote be???

-- daniel247 (m) at 26-03-2010 04:37PM
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lmao lol i think the fight park n confession room are really,really interesting, 4 forum,i hardly come on here,like this is my first time pasting a comment here,...well i think the FIGHT PARK GAT MY VOTE Cheesy
-- tolexo (f) at 26-03-2010 06:25PM
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-- Olimpia (f) at 26-03-2010 07:07PM
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Voting the Fight Park.
-- Toks-E (m) at 26-03-2010 10:45PM
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fight park is jst full of useless fights
Confession room, can be compared to letting a blind man drive a tour coach, with occupants init.

-- princedafe (m) at 27-03-2010 07:59PM
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-- Rolinppp (m) at 27-03-2010 08:22PM
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Confession is better

-- princedafe (m) at 28-03-2010 09:21AM
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another senseless topic